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Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce
Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce

Quick start: Configuration guide - Magento 1Start-to-finish instructions for users who are attempting to install and configure the connector for the first time.
Quick start: Quick-start user guide (post-installation) - Magento 1The most important things you need to know and do in order to get going once the installation is complete.
General: Installation - Magento 1
General: API credentials - Magento 1Enable the Dotdigital for Magento connector to communicate with your Dotdigital account and allow data synchronisation.
General: Getting started - Magento 1The Dotdigital for Magento connector enables you to integrate your email marketing with your Magento store's customer and product data.
General: Upgrading your Magento connector - Magento 1
General: Automation Studio - Magento 1The Automation Studio is access to your Dotdigital account and the Dotdigital application in its entirety from within the connector.
General: Tracking - Magento 1Enable Site and ROI tracking.
General: Dashboard - Magento 1The dashboard area gives an at-a-glance overview of your integrated account, covering your Dotdigital account's key information.
General: Mailcheck - Magento 1Reduce bounces caused by such signup errors with Mailcheck.
General: Customer preference centre - Magento 1Select and manage the lists and contact data fields that are visible to your customers, so they can set their preferences.
Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 while using the Dotdigital for Magento extension.
Data syncing: Getting started - Magento 1
Data syncing: Settings - Magento 1Additional options for configuring data synchronisation.
Data syncing: List mapping - Magento 1
Data syncing: Data mapping - Magento 1Map additional data for your contacts.
Data syncing: Enable/disable syncs - Magento 1Share customer, guest and subscriber data between Dotdigital and Magento.
Data syncing: Changing batch size - Magento 1
Data syncing: Enterprise data sync options - Magento 1
Data syncing: Sweet Tooth loyalty - Magento 1
Data syncing: Checking progress - Magento 1Quick health checks to ensure that the syncing of your contacts from Magento into Dotdigital is taking place.
Dynamic content: Best sellers/most viewed - Magento 1Pull your website's best sellers and most viewed products into your email campaigns.
Dynamic content: Coupon codes - Magento 1Use our coupon codes external dynamic content URL to include unique, single-use coupon codes in your emails.
Dynamic content: Security settings - Magento 1
Dynamic content: Styling options - Magento 1Apply the styling of your choice to all of the dynamic content pulled out of your Magento site.
Dynamic content: Customising dynamic content - Magento 1If you want to customise dynamic further than the basic styling options, you can edit the HTML and CSS of the source files on your server.
Dynamic content: Manual product push - Magento 1Set the configuration for dynamic content to display manual product recommendations.
Transactional email: Getting started - Magento 1
Transactional email: Transactional email templates - Magento 1Creating Magento transactional templates is now a quick, simple and intuitive process by utilising Dotdigital's EasyEditor.
Transactional email: Checking progress - Magento 1Ensure that you're using Dotdigital's transactional email service correctly and all is working as expected.
Abandoned cart: Getting started - Magento 1Send abandoned cart emails to both your customers and guests of your website.
Abandoned cart: Link to cart - Magento 1
Abandoned cart: Easy email capture - Magento 1Capture your site's user's email addresses when they haven't fully completed your checkout or newsletter sign up process.
Abandoned cart: Checking progress - Magento 1
Automation: Getting started - Magento 1Automate messaging to visitors to your online store.
Automation: Automation enrolment - Magento 1Enrol contacts into automation programs that you have set up in your Dotdigital account.
Automation: Exclusion rules - Magento 1Exclusion rules can be created to exclude abandoned cart and review emails being sent under certain conditions.
Automation: Review request - Magento 1Send review trigger emails based on a selected amount of days' delay.
Automation: Feefo - Magento 1
Automation: Checking progress - Magento 1Check the status of the automation features you have enabled.
Insight data: Getting started - Magento 1
Insight data: Settings - Magento 1Adjust import and syncing settings for your Insight data.
Insight data: Order data - Magento 1Sync your customers' order information and basket contents to Dotdigital.
Insight data: Quote data - Magento 1Map and synchronise customer quotes (abandoned carts/baskets) against contacts in Dotdigital.
Insight data: Review data - Magento 1Map and synchronise customer reviews against contacts in Dotdigital.
Insight data: Catalog data - Magento 1Map and synchronise your product catalog to your Dotdigital account.
Insight data: Wishlist data - Magento 1Map and synchronise customer wishlists against contacts in Dotdigital.
Insight data: Checking progress - Magento 1Quick health checks you can make to ensure your Insight data is syncing from Magento into Dotdigital.