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Check the status of a transactional send in Microsoft Dynamics
Check the status of a transactional send in Microsoft Dynamics

See the message status for your transactional email send.

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After you create a transactional email and send it using a workflow, you can check the result message to see the status of the transactional send in Microsoft Dynamics.

Check a result message in Microsoft Dynamics

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics, go to Email Campaigns under Dotdigital in the left hand menu.

  2. Select the campaign name.

  3. From the email campaign information page, select the three dots menu, then select Transactional Sends.


    The Administration > Result Message area shows the status of the send.


When a transactional email is sent, we update the Date Sent value with the time of send (UTC). For transactional emails sent through a workflow, we don’t update the email campaign status which will remain as Unsent.

Failure result message statuses

Reasons for a transactional email send to fail include:

Failure status



Feature is not activated in Dotdigital.

You do not have the Transactional email feature enabled in your Dotdigital account. Enable the feature and try again.

Learn more about how to enable Transactional email in your Dotdigital account in Add transactional email to your account.

Campaign contains unsupported blocks.

Your transactional email template contains unsupported blocks. Edit your template in Dotdigital.

Learn more about which blocks are and are not supported in a transactional email template in Design a transactional email template in EasyEditor.

Campaign not found.

Your transactional email campaign couldn't be found. Check to see if the campaign exists in Dotdigital.

Campaign type is not triggered.

Your campaign isn't a triggered campaign. Create a triggered campaign.

Learn more about creating a triggered campaign in Creating a triggered campaign.

Email address is invalid.

The email address for the Contact, Lead, or Account that you are trying to send to isn’t a valid email address. Check and correct the email address.

Personalization values with duplicate names found.

You have linked the same Contact data field to more than one Email Data Label. Check the Content Customisation area to make sure there aren't any duplicates.

Learn about data field customisation in Create your workflow in Dynamics.

Send limit has been exceeded.

You have exceeded your send limit.

Transactional send failed.

This is a generic error message provided when no more specific error message is appropriate.

Contact our support team for further assistance.

Fix an unsuccessful send

To retry a failed transactional email send you should first review the Result Message status to ensure that you have rectified the problem which caused the send to fail.

You can retry the send by changing the Send Status from Failed to Scheduled.

If the Send Status is Scheduled and the Scheduled Send Date is set to now or in the past, then the processor will try to send the transactional sends as soon as possible. If the Send Status is Scheduled, you can set the Scheduled Send Date to a time in the future.

Learn more about changing the send status in Add a transactional send to your workflow in Dynamics.

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