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Administration settings for Microsoft Dynamics
Administration settings for Microsoft Dynamics

Manage the settings and permissions for Dotdigital email accounts connected to your Dynamics instance.

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Within each connected account you can:

  • Customise the intervals at which automatic synchronisations are carried out between Dotdigital and Dynamics

  • Control what is updated when a contact is suppressed in Dotdigital

  • Manage how Dotdigital programs can be accessed

  • Create or edit User mappings

  • Manage data labels

  • Create data mappings

  • View and edit suppressions

  • View email campaign and behavioural data, including sends, clicks, unsubscribes, web page views and form responses

Please note that these administrative tasks can only be done by an Email Marketing Manager.

Active Email Accounts page

The Active Email Accounts page displays a list of the active Dotdigital accounts connected to your Dynamics instance. There is no limit to the number of accounts that can be listed here, but any new accounts must be provisioned by us; it isn’t possible for you to add accounts yourself.

To access your active email accounts, go to Email Accounts under Settings in the left side menu.


Email account information screen

To access settings and permissions for an email account, select the Account name from the Active Email Accounts page.



Shows the Account Name and Description. Both of these fields can be edited, and Description is an optional field, so can be left blank if you wish. You will also see the Dotdigital account owner, the internal connector key and the Default Account selector.

Scheduled Sync Settings

Displays a table of available synchronisation types and the schedule for each. For each sync type you can see Last and Next Sync, Interval (how frequently the sync runs), and Sync Window (the timeframe during which the sync will run).

The current status of each sync type is also shown. Possible statuses are None, Added to Queue and Synchronising In Progress. To immediately sync any data type select Sync Now.


Sync type


Email campaigns

Synchronises any new email campaigns from Dotdigital to Dynamics and also syncs behavioural data to existing email campaigns in CRM (as long as the level of synchronisation is set to Detailed). The data is available in the email campaign's reports and also on the related contact and lead records.

Two-way marketing list sync

Synchronises marketing lists from Dynamics to Dotdigital lists. If applicable it will perform a marketing list data sync first so that any new data in Dotdigital (for example, preference updates) will be updated in Dynamics before any data is synced back to Dotdigital.

Address books to Dynamics

Synchronises Dotdigital lists (previously called Address books) to the marketing lists in Dynamics. This type should be set to sync more frequently than a two-way marketing list sync to ensure your data is kept up-to-date across both systems.

Data field labels

Checks for any new contact data fields in Dotdigital and creates corresponding email data labels in Dynamics. If any email data labels have been created in Dynamics it will create a new contact data field in Dotdigital.


Email addresses that are present on the account suppression list in Dotdigital will update contacts/leads in Dynamics with the same email address. Email address, date and suppression reason are synced to CRM.


Contacts who unsubscribe are removed from the marketing list and a list of suppression records is created against the contact/lead and marketing list.

CRM metadata

Updates the defined CRM fields for contacts, leads, and accounts so they are available for mapping.


Synchronises Pages and forms data from Dotdigital to Dynamics.

Web behavior tracking

Synchronises WebInsight data from Dotdigital to Dynamics.

Contact scoring

Synchronises contact scoring data from Dotdigital contacts to Dynamics contacts/leads.

Opt-in status to Dynamics

Synchronises contact opt-in types from Dotdigital contacts to Dynamics contacts/leads to the data field Opt-in Type.

Adjust intervals and synchronisation window

You can use a combination of Sync Interval and Sync Window to customise exactly when you want your data syncs to run.


You want your Email campaigns data to sync every four hours, but only on weekday overnights. Apply the following settings:


4 hours

Sync window

Monday to Friday (6pm - 8am)

These settings will create a sync timetable for the Email campaigns data type which looks like this:


The Specific time Sync Window is only available for the Interval Once a day. If you only specify a date, and not a time, then the sync will continue to run once daily at the time already specified in the Next sync field.


If you make any changes to your Scheduled Sync Settings, you must select Save at the bottom of the page.

Sync Audit

The Sync Audit tab shows all your data syncs from the last 30 days. This includes both manual and scheduled data syncs. The search section on the left of the panel allows you to filter your syncs based on the sync start time or sync type.

The Status column lets you know the status of your syncs. Possible statuses:

  • In Progress

  • Completed

  • Failed

  • Completed With Errors


There are three sync types which provide more detailed information when you select them from the Sync Type column: MarketingListsDataOut, Forms, and CampaignStatistics. These appear in the table as blue clickable links. For MarketingListsDataOut the column shows the name of the marketing list in question. To see further details about the list and the sync notes, select the list name.

If a sync has failed or has errors, you can see some further detail about this in the Message column. Common error messages are:

Error message


ERROR_DATAFIELD_INVALID - Failed to sync dataLabel {0} to Dotdigital

An issue has occurred with a data field you have attempted to sync, where {0} will be the data label that has fialed to sync.

The CrmEmailCampaign was null. Sync aborted

The sync fails to add or update the CRM email campaign from the Dotdigital email campaign

{EmailSendSummaries/ EmailClicks/ SocialNetworkBookmarks/ RoiDetails/ PageViews} have failed to sync for this Email Campaign

A specific data set for your email campaign has failed to sync.

Marketing List EmailAccount Id does not match CrmEmailAccountId

There is a mismatch between the Account IDs being specified between these two entities.

CrmMarketingList is null. Sync aborted

This can happen as a part of a single send execute when the target marketing list cannot be retrieved.

Feature is not activated in Dotdigital

Displayed for contact scoring syncs when this feature is not activated in your Dotdigital account.

Marketing list sync didn't start as Data Label sync failed

The system was unable to sync the marketing list due to a failure of the data label sync


Displayed when a failed sync dataLabel {0} to Dotdigital occurs

No new objects to sync

Displayed for Campaign statistics, Forms, MarketingListsDataIn and MarketingListsDataOut when there are no SyncAuditDetails

Internal server error

A generic error message when the error falls outside the above

User Mapping


The User Mapping tab lets you map your Dotdigital Account users to existing users in Dynamics. This allows these users to make use of the Single sign on functionality, by going to Engagement Cloud from the Access section of the left hand menu.

Find out more in Users in Microsoft Dynamics.

Account Administration


There are a number of tasks you can perform from the Account Administration tab. The details of each of these are below.



Account Disabled

Disable the email account from any synchronisation with Dynamics.

Update Do Not Bulk Email preference on Unsubscribers

Control whether this default CRM field is updated from Dotdigital during Suppression synchronisation (by default this is set to On). Email addresses that are present on the account suppression list in Dotdigital will update contacts/leads with the same email address in Dynamics.

Add Global Unsubscribers to CRM Suppression List

Control whether email addresses are added to the internal Dynamics suppression list (by default this is set to On). If an email address is added directly to the CRM suppression list, on synchronisation it will create a suppression record in Dotdigital.

Sync only open Leads and active Contacts

By default, only open Leads and active Contacts are synced from CRM to Dotdigital. This is to avoid unnecessary data being synced across systems. If your marketing list is set to accept Contacts or Leads from Dotdigital, it is possible for a disqualified Lead/inactive Contact to be synced across to your marketing list. This will happen if the email address entered in Dotdigital already exists in CRM as an inactive Contact or disqualified Lead. The sync setting works both ways, from CRM to Dotdigital and vice versa.

Sync only open Leads and active Contacts

If you change this setting, note that this will only apply to any marketing lists synced after the new setting was saved. If a Lead was previously disqualified and already part of a marketing list, a change of status for that Lead won’t be sufficient for the Lead to sync across.

We would recommend you create a new marketing list to include these type of Leads or Contacts to ensure you are syncing the data you expect.

Email Data Labels


Displays all Email Data Labels (Dotdigital contact data fields) that are available in your connected Dotdigital account.


To access the Programs tab, expand the three dots menu located on the left hand side of the Email Account settings tabs. You can see a list of options from which you can select Programs.


This tab controls access to and use of the automation programs that are present in your Dotdigital account. The left side panel displays all active and inactive programs, though it is only possible to select active ones. Programs you select here are visible in the Add Contact/Lead to Automation Program screen. After you've selected an active program, it is displayed in the right side panel.

If you want only mapped users to be able to enrol contacts/leads in programs, select Mapped Users Only.

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