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Email address books in Dotdigital for Salesforce
Email address books in Dotdigital for Salesforce

Learn about Email address books in Salesforce and how they interact with your Dotdigital account.

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The Email Address Books tab displays your existing Email address books and allows you to:


Email address books in Salesforce are groups of contacts and leads, roughly equivalent to your lists found under Audience > Lists in Dotdigital.

Create an email address book

Email address books need to be created from the Campaigns tab to ensure that they are correctly linked to a Dotdigital account.

Learn more in the section Link to an email address book.

Synchronise an email address book

  1. Select the Email Address Books tab.

  2. Select the email address book name.

    If you can’t see the email address book you want, you might need to expand the Email Address Books drop-down menu and select a different list view.


  3. Select Synchronise Address Book.


A message is displayed confirming the sync request has been queued.


To check the status of the sync:

  1. Select the Configuration tab.

  2. Expand the Settings drop-down menu and select Sync audit.

  3. The Synchronisation audit window is displayed, and you can check if your sync is complete by looking at the Status column.

Sync in bulk

  1. Go to Configuration.

  2. Expand the Settings drop-down menu and select Sync Options.

  3. On the Synchronisation Schedule tab, select the Sync Now checkbox for Address books.

  4. Select Synchronise Now.

Dotdigital list contains no contacts after synchronisation

If a list sync appears to have failed, this can be due to one or more contacts being rejected by the Dotdigital Data Watchdog. The Watchdog is used to identify problematic contact data and thereby help protect your sending reputation.

Newly created lists in Dotdigital initially appear as empty, then, once a sync has completed, contacts populate the list. If you have completed a synchronisation and the list remains empty of contacts, you can check the audit log for any failure messages. To do this:

  1. Go to Configuration.

  2. Expand the Settings drop-down menu and select Sync Audit.

  3. Check the Status column for any failures. The Message column displays Rejected by Watchdog when this is the reason for the failure.

Contact your Dotdigital Customer Success representative for assistance with contact data being quarantined by the Watchdog.

Edit an email address book's settings

  1. Select the Email Address Books tab.

  2. Select the Email address book name.

  3. Select Advanced.

The Advanced Settings window has two tabs: Settings and Campaign Members Status Filter.






Manual sync

Prevents the Email address book from being included in scheduled syncs. List sync can only be completed manually.

Join trigger

Ensures that Dotdigital list join actions are triggered for new contacts added to the Email address book. This means each addition to the list will be an individual action. This method therefore consumes API calls at a much higher rate than the default bulk method. The option can be activated at any time and takes effect at the next synchronisation.

Source list

Prevents inactivity monitoring from applying the manual sync setting, and ensures that the list is always included in scheduled syncs.

Create Salesforce leads from new list members

Syncs any additions to your linked list in Dotdigital with Salesforce.

Manual sync

The connector automatically sets an Email address book to Manual Sync after a specified inactivity timeout period - meaning the Email address book was not sent to from either Salesforce or Dotdigital.

The inactivity period can be set between 1 and 180 days. By default the setting is 45 days.

Learn more in the section Global Settings.

If the Manual Sync checkbox is cleared and a send is made from either Salesforce or Dotdigital before the next automated sync, the inactivity period timer is reset. If there are no further sends within the inactivity period, the Manual sync setting is re-applied.

Campaign Members Status Filter


Enable Filtering by Membership Status allows you to include or exclude members with the selected filter from the Email address book at the next scheduled or manual sync. If more than one Salesforce campaign is linked to the Email address book, the filter will apply to all linked campaigns.

This option allows the Salesforce campaign membership to stay the same, while applying the selected filter to the Email address book.

The filter may result in there being no members in the Email address book following synchronisation.

To apply the filter:

  1. Select the checkbox for Enable Filtering by Membership Status.

  2. Expand the Filter type drop-down menu and select Include or Exclude.

  3. Select your filter criteria from the list.

  4. Select Save.

Delete an Email address book

  1. Select the Email Address Books tab.

  2. Select the Email address book name.

  3. Select Delete.


  4. A window is displayed asking you to confirm the deletion. Select Delete to confirm.


Deleting an Email address book is restricted by permission set and can't be done by all users. If you don't have the required permission in Salesforce, you can delete the corresponding list directly in Dotdigital.

Learn more in Delete and empty lists.

Link to a Salesforce campaign

  1. Select the Email Address Books tab.

  2. Select the Email address book name.

  3. Select Add Link to Campaign.

  4. Select the campaign name you want to link to.

  5. Select Link.

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