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Use person accounts with Dotdigital for Salesforce
Use person accounts with Dotdigital for Salesforce

Learn how Person accounts are affected by the Dotdigital for Salesforce connector.

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When a Salesforce Organisation has the Person accounts option enabled, there is an additional tab available for Field Mapping. There are also modifications which must be made to the Person accounts page layout.

Learn more about Person accounts in the Salesforce support documentation.

Person accounts Field mappings

  1. Select Configuration.

  2. Expand the Settings dropdown menu, then select Field mapping.

  3. Select the Person accounts tab.

Learn how to edit your Field mapping settings in the section Field mapping.

Customise the Person account page layout

Unsupported buttons for Person accounts

The Add to Automation Program and Engagement Timeline buttons which you can add to Contact and Lead pages are not currently supported for Person accounts.

The Person account page layout must be modified by adding a field and a number of related lists.

1. Add the field

  1. Select the Setup cog and then Setup in the top right.

  2. Search for Object using the Quick Find search bar.

  3. Select Object Manager, and then go to Person Account > Page Layouts and select a campaign layout.


  4. Select Fields.

  5. Drag Opt-in type to the Account Information area.


Opt-in type

To sync opt-in type for your contacts, you need Dotdigital for Salesforce v2.41 or above installed. Read more about syncing the opt-in type field.

2. Add related lists

  1. Select Related Lists.


  2. Drag the following lists to the Related Lists area, above Opportunities:

    1. Email Campaigns

    2. Email Clicks

    3. Email Page Views

    4. Email ROI

    5. Email Social Bookmarks

    6. Form Responses

    7. Suppressions

      We suggest that you arrange the lists in the above order.

For each of the lists you added:

  1. Select the Related List Properties icon.



  2. Amend each list to add the following fields under the Columns area:

    1. Email Campaigns - Email Address, DateTime Sent, Email Campaign, Email, Opens, Page Views, Clicks, Hard Bounced, Soft Bounced, Date Last Opened

    2. Email Clicks - Email Address, Date Clicked, Email Campaign, Keyword, Ip Address, Url

    3. Email Page Views - Email Address, Date Viewed, Email Campaign, Url

    4. Email ROI - Email Address, Marker, Email Campaign

    5. Email Social Bookmarks - Email Address, Social Name, Views, Email Campaign

    6. Form Responses - Email Address, Date Completed, Form, Is Complete

    7. Suppressions - Email, Reason, Dotdigital Account, Date Suppressed

  3. Select OK.

  4. Select Save, and then select Yes.

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