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Marketing preferences in Dotdigital for Salesforce
Marketing preferences in Dotdigital for Salesforce

Learn how to sync marketing preferences between Salesforce and Dotdigital.

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Marketing preferences can be synced two-way for contacts, leads and person accounts between Salesforce and Dotdigital.

Learn more about marketing preferences in Dotdigital in Using marketing preferences.

Package versions

If you have package v2.42 or 2.43 installed, you are only able to synchronise marketing preferences one-way, from Dotdigital to Salesforce.

You need package v2.44+ installed to be able to synchronise marketing preferences two-way.

Learn how to upgrade to the latest version in Upgrade your Dotdigital for Salesforce package.

Marketing preference sync

You can update or delete marketing preferences for a Contact, Lead or Person account entity directly in Salesforce, and the preference syncs into Dotdigital. Similarly, if a marketing preference is updated for a contact record in Dotdigital, then this is synced to the corresponding Salesforce entity record.


We use the last modified wins approach when determining the direction for the preference sync. This means that we identify which system holds the most recent preference update, and this preference is then synced across to the other system.

Syncing your marketing preferences between Salesforce and Dotdigital allows you to:

  • Build and maintain a fully integrated preference centre between Dotdigital and Salesforce.

  • Sync the latest opt-ins and opt-outs from one platform to the other so both systems are always kept up to date.

    We only sync preferences to Contacts, Leads, or Person accounts that are in at least one Email Address book.

  • Remove preferences from Salesforce when marketing preferences are deleted in Dotdigital.

Multiple Dotdigital accounts

If your Salesforce instance is linked to multiple Dotdigital accounts, marketing preferences will not be synced across accounts. If you want to have the same marketing preferences sync to more than one Dotdigital account, you need to set up a Salesforce workflow to do this.

Set up marketing preferences

1. Add marketing preference to Salesforce page layouts

To add marketing preferences to the layout of your Contacts, Leads, and Person accounts pages, you need to add it as a related list.

To do this:

  1. Select the Setup cog and then Setup in the top right.

  2. Search for Object using the Quick Find search bar.

  3. Select Object Manager, and then go to Contact > Page Layouts, then select a layout.

    To edit Lead or Person Account pages instead, select the relevant entity from the Object Manager at this point.

  4. Select Related Lists.

  5. Drag Opted In Preferences to the Related Lists area.


  6. Add the following to Selected Fields:

    1. Name

    2. Type

    3. Dotdigital Account

    4. Last Modified Date


  7. Select OK and then select Save.

  8. The Overwrite Users' Related List Customizations window displays. Select Yes to confirm the changes across your Salesforce users.

  9. Return to the Object Manager and repeat these steps for the Lead and Person Account entities.

2. Schedule your marketing preferences sync

To set the sync schedule of your marketing preferences:

  1. Select Configuration.

  2. Expand the Settings drop-down menu and select Sync options.

  3. On the Synchronisation Schedule tab, expand the Interval drop-down menu and select how often you want your marketing preferences to sync.


  4. If you want to manually sync marketing preferences, select the relevant checkbox in the Sync Now column, then select Synchronise Now.

  5. Select Save.

Modify marketing preferences in Salesforce

You can modify marketing preferences directly in Salesforce for a Contact, Lead or Person account.

To do this:

  1. Select the record name for the Contact, Lead or Person Account you want to edit.

  2. Select Opted In Preferences.


  3. To edit a preference, expand the drop-down menu to the right, and select Edit.


  4. Select Clear Selection against the entry in the Marketing Preference field, then select Save. This opts the contact out of that preference.

  5. To opt a contact in to a preference, select New.


  6. Search for the preference name and select it.

  7. Select Save.

Marketing preferences report

Once you add and sync marketing preferences from Dotdigital, you gain access to a new report - Most Popular Marketing Preferences. A chart displays the comparative record counts of your preferences.

The chart can display a maximum of 25 preferences.


Below the chart, a table displays further data on your preferences, including the Dotdigital account, created date and opted-in Contacts and Leads.

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