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Convert contacts in Dotdigital to new customers in Shopify
Convert contacts in Dotdigital to new customers in Shopify

Keep your lists up to date, accurate, and consistent with your Shopify store.

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A Shopify program extension can be used to convert existing Dotdigital contacts to new customers or subscribed customers in Shopify. This is useful if you're collecting new contacts directly into Dotdigital.

If you’re using Dotdigital signup forms or Pages and forms, you can enrol contacts who submit the form directly into a program which passes your new contacts back to Shopify.

The extension supports the following Shopify customer fields for a newly added contact:

  • Email

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Accepts marketing

These fields use the mapping that’s defined in the Field mapping area of your Shopify connector. Once your store is connected, you can find the Shopify program extension in Dotdigital by going to the program builder, and then navigating to the Extensions area in the accordion menu.

Configure your extension

  1. Create a new program or select an existing one by going to Automation > Programs.

  2. Build your program by setting the enrolment criteria and add additional logic, if needed.
    Learn more about creating or editing a program in the Program builder section of the Help Centre.

  3. Drag the Shopify program extension node onto the program builder canvas.

  4. Select the node to access its settings.

  5. For Accept marketing, select YES or NO. By default, Accepts marketing is set to Yes. If contacts enrolled into the program haven’t opted into your marketing communications, make sure this option is set to NO.

  6. Select APPLY.

  7. Once you’re happy with your program, select ACTIVATE.

Once a contact reaches this node in your program, they are added as a customer or subscribed customer within your store.

Customer already exists

If a contact’s email address exists in Shopify, it’s ignored; it isn’t added or updated.

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