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14 September 2022 - Dotdigital for Magento 2 (v4.19.1)
14 September 2022 - Dotdigital for Magento 2 (v4.19.1)
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Bug fixes

  • The API valid check in the Dotdigital dashboard now respects the current website scope.

  • We fixed a bug with running catalog sync at Default Level.

  • Some single imports were (incorrectly) reporting as Failed/Error Unknown. This has been fixed.

  • We reverted a change to the order insight data schema that was blocking order imports for some merchants.

  • We fixed a PHP 8.1 compatibility error when following the Take me to my basket link from the Cart Content External Dynamic URL.

  • Empty address street values would throw a PHP 8.1 deprecation exception in explode(); this has been fixed.

  • Exclusion rule conditions on values from product attributes with the input type of select or multiple select now function correctly.

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