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30 March 2022 - Dotdigital for Magento 2 (v.4.16.0)
30 March 2022 - Dotdigital for Magento 2 (v.4.16.0)
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What’s new

  • Support for Multi Source Inventory is now provided via a separate Inventory module.


  • Our StockUpdatePlugin now only responds to Web API requests; we have an observer for all other product updates.

  • We improved our handling of review data fields in customer sync.

  • Our MessagePlugin has been removed, since Dotdigital now supports the required encoding for transactional sends.

  • Order sync now only logs when it has batched some orders, or if debug mode is enabled.

  • An API space id and token are no longer saved when a Dotdigital trial account is created via the ‘chat’ route.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed an error when saving image type configurations.

  • We added extra checks to prevent ‘undefined index’ errors in the `ddg_automation_resubscribe` cron.

  • Product URLs for PWA storefronts were not making use of custom rewrites; these now work by setting an additional config key.

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