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Important changes related to Adobe Commerce 2.4.4
Important changes related to Adobe Commerce 2.4.4
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The Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento 2) 2.4.4 release brings changes to how Adobe release improvements to their customers and how you access the third-party extension packages.

Historically, Vendor Bundled Extensions (VBEs) were included in the Adobe platform code, which meant that as a partner, we were only able to update our extension package in line with the Adobe release schedule. With the 2.4.4 release, these third party extensions (Dotdigital included) will be decoupled, giving you faster access to the latest capabilities and updates that Dotdigital has to offer.


What is changing?

For several years, Adobe Commerce has included 3rd-party extensions like the Dotdigital integration in the platform code as part of its Vendor Bundled Extension (VBE) program.

With the Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source 2.4.4 release, they will be
decoupling the majority of these extensions, and making them available through the Adobe Commerce Marketplace.

When are Adobe planning to release these changes?

Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 is the targeted version for these changes and it is due to be released on April 12th, 2022.

Who will be affected?

Whether you plan to upgrade to 2.4.4 or not, we strongly recommend that you install the new Dotdigital extension package. This will ensure there are no disruptions in our service to you and your data continues to flow between our partnered platforms when you upgrade to 2.4.4.

Additionally, installing the new Dotdigital extension package on an earlier Adobe Commerce version will allow you to benefit from our upcoming extension updates as and when they get released.

How to install the new Dotdigital extension

If you have been using one of the bundled versions of our extension, we’d recommend removing any existing require instructions in composer.json relating to dotmailer/* packages. You can run the following command:

composer remove dotmailer/*

Installing on Adobe Commerce 2.3 and above:

You can get our Dotdigital extension from the Adobe Commerce Marketplace:

1. Add the Dotdigital extension to your cart, check out and follow the "How to Install" instructions from Adobe
2. Run the relevant composer command, according to your edition:

For Magento Open Source:

composer require dotdigital/dotdigital-magento2-os-package

For Adobe Commerce:

composer require dotdigital/dotdigital-magento2-os-package
composer require dotdigital/dotdigital-magento2-extension-enterprise

For Adobe Commerce for B2B:

composer require dotdigital/dotdigital-magento2-os-package
composer require dotdigital/dotdigital-magento2-extension-enterprise
composer require dotdigital/dotdigital-magento2-extension-b2b

Will any aspects of the integration change?

No, the Dotdigital extension package will support the same functionality as it does now.

For any other questions related to these changes, our support team are happy to help!

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