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Learn about the Dotdigital Marketing Automation extension.

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The Dotdigital Marketing Automation extension is a powerful extension that enables you to integrate your marketing with your Adobe Commerce store's customer and product data. Straightforward and speedy installation and integration means all of your Dotdigital data gets quickly synced with your Adobe Commerce ecommerce customer data.

It is the most feature-rich integration for Adobe Commerce in both B2C and B2B channels.

Making use of key Dotdigital features such as OrderInsight, external dynamic content, automation and page and ROI tracking, the connector enables:

  • Storage of all your customers' orders

  • Carts and wishlists

  • Segmentation on purchase behaviour

  • Automation of email triggers, such as a welcome series or post-purchase feedback

  • Reporting on page visits and ROI for each campaign

  • Abandoned cart emails, including the cart contents

  • Inclusion of dynamic product recommendations in emails

  • Sending of SMS order status notifications

  • Insertion of uniquely generated voucher codes for each individual customers in your campaigns

About the extension

The Dotdigital Marketing Automation extension is a family of extensions that integrate with different functionality in Dotdigital. We have a combined package (referred to as a metapackage) that provides:

  • Our main extension Dotdigitalgroup_Email

  • A Chat extension

  • An SMS extension

  • An Inventory extension

  • Two extensions for GraphQl support

In addition, we have two further extensions that you can install separately:

  • Our Enterprise extension supports features exclusive to Adobe Commerce

  • Our B2B extension is for merchants running Adobe Commerce for B2B

Our latest code runs on Adobe Commerce Open Source and Adobe Commerce (version 2.3 upwards).


Compatibility changes over time; to check the latest requirements, check out our Github page.

Adobe Commerce multisite implementation

If you have multiple Adobe Commerce websites and stores, the connector supports these. All the data we send includes both the website and the store that the data originated from, so you can use this information for segmentation.

In addition, all settings can be configured on a per-website basis, allowing different websites to sync to different Dotdigital accounts.

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