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28 April 2021 - Engagement Cloud release notes for 2021.2.2 (aka 21two)
28 April 2021 - Engagement Cloud release notes for 2021.2.2 (aka 21two)
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What's new


  • You can now use eRFM to improve how well you understand your ecommerce customers and contacts.

  • Improve how you target your contacts by using the eRFM block in the segment builder.

  • Use eRFM scores to segment your contacts and create new opportunities.

Program reporting

  • For program reporting, you can access more in-depth, individual reports.


  • There’s now an expiry period and URL shortening and tracking for SMS messages that are sent using the program builder.

  • We’ve improved the outbound message report view, and you can now check out a URL clicks report.

  • You can now add, view, and edit contact details for SMS test numbers.

  • It’s also possible to select a time zone when you send an SMS campaign.


  • We created a new, self-service integration hub so you can add the integrations you want in less time.

  • SMS to Email and Eventbrite event synchronisation and event check in/out is now available.

  • Shopware 6 is now available.

  • There’s now headless support for Magento (PWA).


  • We updated the Billing area so you can see what you owe more efficiently.


  • You can now use Engagement Cloud in four additional languages:

    • Indonesian

    • Korean

    • Malay

    • Thai

Data fields

  • We increased your data field type limits.


  • SSO users are no longer asked to enter a password when permanently deleting items in the recycle bin.


  • API users can now bulk suppress contacts.

Bug fixes and other improvements

  • We've made over 50 bug fixes and other improvements!

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