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Understand how your MMS campaigns are performing is critical to your marketing success.

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MMS campaign reports let you keep track of what’s working well and where you may want to make changes.

Access MMS reports

  1. Go to Analytics > Reports.

  2. Expand the MORE REPORTS drop-down menu.

  3. Select SMS/MMS.

This displays a table view of your MMS and SMS sends. The Message type column shows whether a campaign is SMS or MMS. You can view high-level metrics for each campaign, such as number sent or delivered, total and unique clicks, and number of orders and revenue attributed to the campaign, among other metrics.

To see revenue for your MMS campaigns, you must be using Advanced revenue attribution.

To access a specific campaign report, select the campaign name.

Understand the MMS campaign report

The SMS campaign report is divided into three sections:

MMS preview

At the top of the report, there's a visual preview of your MMS. Select the preview to view your MMS in portrait or landscape view.


To the right of the MMS preview, the overview is a summary of your MMS campaign's performance.

The overview tiles show these metrics:

  • Revenue

  • Unique sends

  • Unique deliveries

  • Pending

  • Soft bounces

  • Hard bounced

  • Deleted

Delivery details

Under the heading Delivery details, five tabs categorise your contacts by delivery status:




Your message has been successfully sent and delivered to these contacts.


Your message has been sent and is with the network, but it hasn't yet been possible to deliver it -- the contact's phone might be switched off.

Soft bounces

The message wasn’t delivered because the time allowed for message delivery expired. A network allows for a certain amount of time when attempting to deliver a message to a contact's phone, and whilst this differs between networks, it is usually between two to three days.

Hard bounces

Your message has failed to deliver. There are several reasons why this might happen:

  • The number isn't correct.

  • Mobile networks report this number is no longer active.

  • Some smartphones only allow the delivery of messages from known numbers.

  • Older devices can have an inbox storage limit that might be at capacity.

After three hard bounces, we automatically suppress the contact, so you don't send to them again.

Learn how to turn off automatic suppression in Turn off SMS hard bounce automatic suppression.


Mobile numbers that have been deleted by a network.

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