General: Customer preference centre - Magento 1

Select and manage the lists and contact data fields that are visible to your customers, so they can set their preferences.

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Once enabled, the customer preference centre extends the Newsletter subscriptions page that a registered customer can visit after they log into their account. Any selected contact data fields that the customer already has populated, or any lists that the customer already exists in, are pre-selected when they view the page.

Only contact data fields with a visibility setting of Public are shown to customers.

You can create more contact data fields in the Data Mapping section.

This is a two-way synchronisation between Magento and Dotdigital; whatever you set for lists and contact data fields in one platform is also set in the other.

Set list and contact data field preferences

  1. In Magento, go to System > DOTMAILER > Configuration

  2. Select Customer Address Book Preference.
    Address books is the previous name for lists.

  3. Set Show Address Books To Customer? to Yes to display lists to customers, then select the lists to show in addition to the Magento General Subscription list.


  4. Set Show Data Fields To Customer? to Yes to show contact data fields to customers, then select which contact data fields to show.


  5. Select Save Config.
    Magento then confirms that the settings have been saved and customers are able to see the selected lists and contact data fields.

Why is nothing apart from the standard Magento content showing when I visit the Newsletter subscriptions page?

There could be a few reasons for this:

  • The functionality hasn't been enabled. You must ensure you've enabled this by selecting Yes from the available dropdowns.

  • No selection has been made from the to show lists for a contact data field and/or a list. You must select at least one for something else to show.

  • The page might be cached. Make sure any caches have been cleared.

I can see content but nothing is pre-selected. Why is that?

First, check that the contact you're testing this with exists in the visible lists and has data stored in the visible contact data fields, otherwise nothing can be pre-selected for them.

Second, attempt to refresh the page. This is because the data required for contact is retrieved through the API and it may be the case that this retrieval failed upon initial load.

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