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Dynamic content: Coupon codes - Magento 1

Use our coupon codes external dynamic content URL to include unique, single-use coupon codes in your emails.

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This feature allows you to incentivise your contacts with coupon codes without the risk of the codes being shared and abused.

Set up coupon codes

Firstly you need to create a valid shopping cart price rule in Magento. To do this, go to Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules.

When creating a new rule, you must ensure you select that:

  • a specific coupon must be used

  • you want to use auto-generation

Once this is done and you have set up the rule, including the conditions and actions if required, you need to save the rule and then copy its ID.

You can then insert the coupon code URL we provide into your Dotdigital campaign.

To locate the URL, go to System > Configuration > DOTMAILER > Dynamic Content. Replace the part of the URL that says [INSERT ID HERE] with the ID you copied.

You can also set an expiry for the coupon in the URL. To do this, replace the part of the URL that says [INSERT NUMBER OF DAYS HERE] with a number. For example, if you insert the number 30, then the coupon code expires after 30 days and no longer works if used during a checkout after that time.

The expiry countdown begins at campaign send time, which is when Dotdigital first makes use of the URL to generate the coupon code. Entering 0 means the coupon code has no expiry time.

What does the format of the coupon codes look like and can it be changed?

The coupon codes we generate are always in the format of DOT-AAA-AAA-AAA. The format including the prefix (DOT) can't be changed.

Can I alter the font and style of the coupon codes you generate?

You certainly can - find out about dynamic content styling options.

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