Update your Android Firebase Cloud Messaging credentials

Ensure your push notification profile is correctly authorised.

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From 20 June 2024, Android are changing the way you need to provide credentials for sending mobile push messages. If you’re currently sending mobile push through Dotdigital, you must update your credentials to re-authenticate your messaging profile.

1. Generate an FCM JSON file

  1. Log in to the Firebase Console.

  2. Find your Firebase project and select the project name.

  3. Go to Settings > Service Accounts.

  4. Select the appropriate language for your SDK implementation.

  5. Select Generate new private key, then select Generate key to confirm.

  6. Securely store the JSON file containing the key.

2. Enter your credentials in Dotdigital

  1. Log in to Dotdigital.

  2. Go to Connect and select Push Notifications under Installed integrations and extensions.

  3. Under App system: Android, for FCM JSON file, select ADD FILE.

  4. Upload the JSON file you obtained in step 1.

  5. Select SAVE.

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