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Create an abandoned cart SMS and MMS

Recover more carts with abandoned cart SMS and MMS messages.

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You can create abandoned cart SMS and MMS messages that send customers back to their unique cart link with personalization markers and Liquid markup. These messages can be triggered automatically using programs.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

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Create an abandoned cart SMS or MMS

To create an abandoned cart SMS or MMS that contains a link back to the customer’s cart:

  1. Go to Automation > Triggered SMS/MMS.

  2. Select NEW CAMPAIGN, then enter a campaign name, and select SAVE.

  3. For Message, enter your abandoned cart message.

    • For example: “Hey there! Noticed you left some items in your cart. Don't miss out, complete your purchase now: [cart link]”

  4. Insert your dynamic cart URL from your cartInsight data collection. You can do this by inserting Liquid markup into your message by using an advanced personalization marker:

    1. Select the personalization icon below the message box to open the Personalization side panel.

    2. From the Insert personalization side panel, select Liquid markup.

    3. Copy and paste the Abandoned Cart Liquid markup below into the Liquid markup field.

    4. Select APPLY.

Abandoned Cart Liquid markup

{% assign cr = contact.insight.Cartinsight | sort: 'ModifiedDate' | reverse | first %}{{ cr.cartUrl }}

The above Liquid markup is the base script to insert the cart URL using your cartInsight data. Depending on your requirements, further customisations to this script might be required.

Preview your abandoned cart message

If you want to check your abandoned cart message is working the way you want, you can preview it as one of your contacts. To do this:

  1. Above your message preview on the right of the page, select the PREVIEW AS search field.

  2. Enter your contact’s email address, or mobile number to search for them.

  3. Select your contact.

    • If you want to select a different contact, select the X icon next to the contact’s name and search again.

This now displays your message in the exact way your contact will see it.

Send your abandoned cart message in a program

Creating an abandoned cart SMS or MMS program is very similar to creating an abandoned cart program for email campaigns, just replace the Email Campaign node with the SMS Campaign node:

  1. Go to Automation > Programs

  2. Select NEW PROGRAM

  3. Follow the instructions in Create an abandoned cart program.

You can also use abandoned cart email and SMS or MMS messages in the same program. For example, send an abandoned cart SMS to contacts with a mobile number, and an abandoned cart email to contacts without a mobile number (choose the SMS and Email - Abandoned cart template when creating your Program).

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