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Embed a survey, page, or form with BigCommerce
Embed a survey, page, or form with BigCommerce

Grab your visitors' attention and encouraging them to take action on your BigCommerce site.

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There are two ways to use pages and forms on your BigCommerce site:

1. Create embedded code

You first need to create your embedded code in Dotdigital:

  1. Go to Content > Surveys, pages, and forms, and select the page you want to embed.

  2. Select PUBLISHED PAGE, at the top-right of the page.

  3. Under Generate embed or pop-over code, select GENERATE EMBED CODE.

  4. Copy the generated code to your clipboard for use in the next step.

2. Insert the embedded code

Next you need to copy and paste the embedded code into your BigCommerce store’s HTML. In your BigCommerce account:

  1. Select Storefront.

  2. Select Customize.

  3. Select and drag an HTML Block to where you want your inline form to appear.

  4. Insert your form installation code from the previous step.

  5. Select Save HTML.

  6. Select Publish.

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