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Dotdigital and AI: Frequently asked questions
Dotdigital and AI: Frequently asked questions

Learn about our AI safeguards and principles for secure, responsible data usage.

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What are Dotdigital's AI safeguards and guiding principles?

Below is a list of our safeguards and guiding principles.

  • We use AI to enable you to do more with your data.

  • We are always transparent about when AI is being used and provide clear guidance on how data is used within an AI system.

  • You always remain in control. The decision to use and enable generative AI features is yours.

  • We work to ensure our AI-enabled features avoid bias and respect people's rights and safety.

What forms of AI does Dotdigital employ?

We (Dotdigital) use two forms of AI:

  1. Generative AI models
    We use generative AI models, most frequently large language models like ChatGPT. These generative AI models assist you in content creation tasks, such as suggesting an email subject line or altering the tone of existing content.

  2. Machine-learning models
    We develop our own machine-learning models to predict the future behavior of your Dotdigital contacts. Examples include predicting future purchase dates, product purchases, customer lifetime value, churn probability, and more.

How does Dotdigital ensure the security and privacy of my data when using AI?

We always put your security and privacy first. Here's how we do it for both types of AI models:

  • Generative AI models
    Our generative AI models are supplied as a service using Microsoft Azure, a trusted data sub-processor and our primary application and data hosting provider, with strong security and privacy policies.

    If you request, your customer data can be used within prompts to help generate more meaningful responses. However, it's crucial to underline that customer data is never used to train these AI models, giving you full control over your data.

  • Machine-learning models

    Our custom machine-learning models are trained using your own data. They are completely isolated and used only by the account that contains and owns the data. These models are only managed within our trusted data sub-processors.

For details on our sub-processors, check out our Trust Center.

When will my data be used in conjunction with AI?

In Dotdigital, AI-enabled features are labeled with the WinstonAI logo. Some features, such as product recommendations or subject line suggestions, require you to actively interact with them. Contact analytics is enabled by default for customers with the appropriate Dotdigital package and ecommerce data feeds.

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