Integrate Gorgias with Dotdigital

Learn how to integrate your Gorgias account with Dotdigital.


With the Gorgias to Dotdigital integration you can sync your Gorgias customer data into a dedicated address book within your Dotdigital account while also syncing support ticket information as an insight data collection called SupportTickets.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • You must have a Gorgias account.
  • If you choose to sync contacts, the integration creates an address book in your Dotdigital account called Gorgias Customers.
  • If you choose to sync support ticket information, the integration syncs support ticket information as insight data.

    To learn more, check out the article The non-developers' guide to Insight data.

  • The integration syncs data every hour.

Integrate Gorgias with Dotdigital

To integrate Gorgias with Dotdigital:

  1. Go to Integration hub, and select the Self-serve tab.

  2. Find and select the Gorgias tile.

  3. For Connection name, enter a name for this connection.

  4. For Subdomain, enter the subdomain of your Gorgias account.

    This is the unique prefix of your Gorgias URL. For example '', enter 'your-subdomain'.

  5. Select Save.

  6. If asked, enter your Gorgias login credentials.

  7. Once you see confirmation the account is linked, select Ok. Then select Next to move on.

  8. Read the integration information, then select Next.

  9. Expand the Contact sync drop-down menu and choose either Yes (to sync Gorgias contacts) or No (to not sync Gorgias contacts) to an address book in Dotdigital. Then select Next.

  10. Expand the Insight data sync drop-down menu, then choose either Yes (to sync) No (to not sync) support ticket information to an Insight data collection in Dotdigital. Then select Next.

Your integration is now complete.

Find Gorgias contacts in Dotdigital To find your Gorgias customers in Dotdigital. Go to Email > Contacts > All contacts and find the Gorgias customers address book.

Insight data sync

Here is an outline of the support ticket information Insight data structure that is synced from Gorgias to Dotdigital.

Collection name: SupportTickets

Attribute Definition
ID Gorgias support ticket ID number.
Channel The channel the ticket came in on, for example, SMS, email, phone, chat.
Customer Name Name of the customer on the ticket.
Customer Email Email address of the customer on the ticket.
Created Date Date and time the ticket was created.
Updated Date Last date and time that the ticket was updated.
Language The language used in the ticket, for example en.
Status The status of the ticket, either open or closed.
Subject The subject line of the ticket.
Tags Any Gorgias tags added to the ticket.

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