Add an email signup button to your Facebook page

Learn how to add an email signup button to your Facebook page.


You can add a button to your Facebook page that allows visitors to subscribe to your campaigns, making them a contact.

Before you start

Things you need to know before you start:

  • You must have a Facebook business account.
  • You also must have a page that contains a Dotdigital signup form:
    • You can use a standard signup form that's hosted on your site. 

      To learn more about creating a signup form, check out Create a signup form.

    • You can also use a form made with our pages and forms tool, or one you've made and hosted yourself.

      To learn more about Dotdigital or custom forms, check out Get started with forms or our developer hub.

Add the email signup button 

As Facebook processes change regularly, we recommend you follow the steps on Facebook's documentation. However, in general, you can add an email signup button by following these steps:

  1. Create the Facebook page you want to have the email signup button or edit one of your existing Facebook pages.

    To learn more about Facebook pages, check out Facebook pages.

  2. Select + Add a Button.
  3. Choose Contact Us.
  4. Enter the link to the page that has your signup form in the Website box.
  5. Select Save.

Test your email signup button

To make sure your button is working as expected, if you are a page admin, select View as visitor > Contact us. You can also go to Manage Page > Edit Contact Us > Test Button. The page with your signup form should open in a new tab or window. If the button doesn't work, then edit your signup email button.

Edit your signup email button

To edit your signup email button:

  1. Go to the Manage Page area.
  2. Select Edit Contact Us > Edit Button > Contact Us.
  3. Enter the link to the page that has your signup form in the Website box.
  4. Select Save.
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