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Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Dotdigital
Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Dotdigital

Sync data for contacts who sign up through your ads, enrol them into a program, and send them tailored messages.

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Integrating your Facebook Lead Ads with Dotdigital allows you to sync data for contacts who sign up through your ads on Facebook and Instagram.

The integration syncs the following contact data to Dotdigital:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Full name

  • Email address

  • Mobile number

  • Facebook Lead Ad name

This data is automatically mapped to the relevant Dotdigital Contact data fields. The integration creates a new data field for Facebook Lead Ad name. The mapping of this data is based on the standard form fields in Facebook.

In order to map Facebook data to Dotdigital's data fields the integration searches for variations of the field name:

Facebook data

Dotdigital data field

Field name search

First Name

First Name

  • firstname

  • first-name

  • first_name

  • first name

Last Name

Last Name

  • lastname

  • last_name

  • last-name

  • last name

  • surname

Full Name

Full Name

  • full_name

  • fullname

  • full-name

  • full name

Email address


  • email

  • email address

  • email_address

  • email-address

  • emailaddress

  • e-mail

  • e-mailaddress

  • e-mail_address

  • e-mail-address

  • e-mail address

Mobile number


  • phone_number

  • phone-number

  • phone number

  • phone

  • mobile

  • mobile-number

  • mobile_number

  • mobile number

⚠️If you make changes to the format of these fields, the data cannot sync into Dotdigital.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • You must have a Facebook Business account.

  • The Facebook user approving the integration must be an admin for their page or has been granted lead access permission.

  • The integration syncs and stores the most recent lead ad a contact has signed up to. If a contact signs up to subsequent ads, the value is overwritten.

  • The integration does not verify opt-in for your leads. Any contact that completes the lead ad is synced into Dotdigital, unless they are on the account suppression list.

  • The integration does not work retroactively - only new leads from the point that you activate the integration are synced.

  • This integration syncs leads from both Instagram and Facebook.

  • This integration supports instant forms for the following languages:

    • Dutch

    • French

    • German

    • Indonesian

    • Italian

    • Japanese

    • Korean

    • Portuguese

    • Russian

    • Spanish

    • Thai

Connect Facebook Lead Ads to Dotdigital

Once you have completed the installation process for the integration, new leads who signup through your chosen Facebook Lead Ads are automatically synced every 15 minutes to a list called Facebook Leads.

1. Connect your Facebook Leads Ads account

Connecting multiple accounts

If you want to connect more than one Dotdigital account to your Facebook Business accounts, you must use a separate Facebook login for each Dotdigital connection. Using the same Facebook user login for multiple Dotdigital accounts is not supported.

  1. In Dotdigital, go to Connect > Integrations.

  2. In the left menu, under SHOW, select Self-serve.

  3. Find Facebook Leads, then select +ADD.

  4. Select INSTALL.

  5. On Get to know the integration, read the information, then select NEXT.

  6. Either select New Authentication to create a Facebook ads authentication, or if you’ve already authenticated a Facebook account, select an existing one.

  7. Follow the Facebook Ads authentication instructions.

  8. In the window that opens, log in to your Facebook Business account and select the pages you want to connect to Dotdigital, then select Next.


  9. A list of permissions is displayed. Review these, then select Done and then OK.


These permissions are all required for the integration and must all be set to YES. If any of the permissions are set to NO the integration will not work.


2. Set up the integration

  1. You are returned to Dotdigital. To continue the installation, select Next.

  2. Information is displayed telling you more about the integration. Read this, then select Next.

  3. Expand the Programs drop-down menu and select a program to enrol new leads on to as they sign up.

    You don’t need to select a program now if you don’t want to. You can always come back to this step using the Facebook Lead Ads tile in the Connect area and select a program at a later time.

  4. Expand the Import all Facebook Leads drop-down menu and select whether you want to import all of your leads:

    1. Select Yes to import leads from all of your Facebook Lead Ads from the selected pages.

    2. Select No to be able to choose which Lead Ads you would like to sync contacts from. If you select No, you must select the checkboxes for the Lead Ads you want to sync.

      Syncing new Lead Ads

      If you choose to import all leads from the selected pages, then any new ads you publish in future will have their leads synced to Dotdigital. If you choose to sync only selected ads, then you need to repeat the steps to select any new ads you publish after the integration setup is complete.

  5. To complete the setup, select FINISH.

Update integration settings

  1. Go to Connect.

  2. Select the Facebook Lead Ads tile under Installed integrations and extensions.

  3. Select Settings.

Use data from your Facebook Lead Ads in Dotdigital

The integration stores the most recent Facebook Lead Ad that a contact has signed up to in a new custom data field called LAST_FB_LEAD_AD. This data field can be used in a variety of ways:


You could use a Decision or Multi decision node inside a program based on the value held in a contact’s LAST_FB_LEAD_AD data field to:

among other options.

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