24 May 2023 - Dotdigital release notes - 2023.2.4

On 24 May 2023, we released a maintenance upgrade for Dotdigital. Here's what's changed:

What's new ✨

The new Dotdigital

  • We are proud to present The new Dotdigital public preview! This update features unified contacts and an enhanced user interface to simplify and streamline your experience. Learn more.


  • We’ve made a number of enhancements to the user experience in the platform:
    • It’s now possible to grant campaign approver permissions to account users. Learn more.
    • We’ve created a central location to manage account and campaign tags. Learn more.
    • Campaign replies are now easier to view and manage, and the content of replies can be exported. Learn more.


  • We’ve made improvements and additions to the filter options for the email reports table view. Users can now:
    • filter by sent date or activity
    • show cumulative all-time data, or data for the selected date range
      Learn more.
  • We've added a heat map tab to the link hotspot report. The heat map shows a thermal overlay of all your contacts’ clicks on your email campaign. Learn more.

Campaigns (email)

  • Introducing: WinstonAI, our friendly AI pup! Winston is here to help with two valuable new features: the Subject Line Assistant and the Campaign Assistant. Learn more.

Commerce flow

  • We’ve added the ability to sync Shopify metafields to your Dotdigital account. Metafields are available for:
  • We’ve added the ability to sync WooCommerce custom fields to your Dotdigital account. Custom fields are available for:


  • We’ve updated the Product block and Product catalog view with improved search and filtering capabilities. Learn more.
  • We’ve extended the reach of the RFM order filter to also apply to revenue attribution. Learn more.
  • We’ve added four new types of predictive analytics blocks to the segment builder:
    • Churn risk
    • Predicted CLV (Customer lifetime value)
    • Next order date
    • Number of orders
      You can view the customer predictions for your contacts using the Single customer view. Learn more.


  • SMS campaigns that contain unicode now display a warning banner on the send summary screen below the back button. 

Back in stock (Magento)

  • Back in stock alerts can now be set up for your Adobe Commerce store. Learn more.


  • Our new Gorgias integration syncs customer data and Support ticket information from Gorgias to Dotdigital.

Dotdigital for Magento 2 (4.21.0)

Dotdigital for Shopware (v1.0.1 and v2.0.1)

Dotdigital for Shopware - Flow Builder (v2.0.1)

Bug fixes 🐛

We've made 18 other bug fixes and improvements.

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