Which browsers are supported?


We regularly look at the browsers Engagement Cloud is used on. Taking into account these numbers, we categorise each browser as Priority 1, Priority 2, or not supported. 

We operate on these principles: 

  • New features should work in all of the most popular browsers (Priority 1 browsers)
  • Changes to existing features should not cause the system to break in common browsers (Priority 1 and Priority 2 browsers)
  • Browsers of very low usage don't get supported 
Please note: iOS and Android aren't currently supported at all.

Priority 1 browsers

As of May 2018, our Priority 1 browsers are:

  • Chrome (Windows/Mac)*
  • Firefox (Windows)*
  • Internet Explorer 11

All new development, and all changes to the application, is tested in each of these to make sure that it functions and displays as designed.

Priority 2 browsers

As of May 2018, our Priority 2 browsers are:

  • Edge*
  • Safari*
  • Firefox (Mac)*

These browsers are used by a significant proportion of our users, as such all changes to the application are tested to make sure that there is no loss of functionality when we upgrade the system.

In Priority 2 browsers you should be able to use the system without difficulty, however you may need to change to a Priority 1 browser to take full advantage of the latest additions to the system.

* These browsers now automatically update, and as such only the latest stable version is tested.

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    I am one of the odd ones using a Mac, and Firefox. Unfortunately when I try to set up my very first email I get a message saying my browser is not compatible with Easy Editor. That isn't what you seem to be be saying about Priority2!

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    I generally use Chrome and I have found that I cannot get past the add subject, friendly name, etc. page when creating a Campaign.  I do not have this problem in IE9 or Firefox.  Not too much of an issue for me as I have all three browsers installed for testing HTML I write, but I thought I should mention it.  Chrome reports Version 23.0.1271.97 m, The OS is Windows 7 64 bit with SP1 and all updates to date from Windows Update.

    I also note that Android browsers are not even mentioned, despite the fact that Android based devices have a much bigger market share than iOS.  You also don't mention Chrome or Firefox on Unix.

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    Hi Matt, Simon,

    @Matt — If you're using the latest stable version of Firefox on the Mac you should find EasyEditor works. Are you using the new EasyEditor (released 5th December)? This should be tested against it; let our support team know on support@dotmailer.com if you find any bits not working.

    @Simon — Sounds odd that it's not working for you in Chrome; that's the browser our developers use as 'core', so should be picked up straight away. I wonder if there are any plugins or caching causing problems for you? Give our support team a buzz on support@dotmailer.com, they should be able to help you debug. On the last stats check (yesterday, 21 Jan 2013) Android users and Linux users each accounted for 0.13% of our unique visitors plus a few users on Blackberry and Windows Phone. I do log in using my Android phone every now and then (though steering clear of the drag and drop parts), but it seems iOS users are still outnumbering us.

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    Will you be updating this post? I would love this know if this info is still valid or not.


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    Hi Rose,

    Thanks for your question. Please find that we've now updated this article with the latest information.

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    We were using Chrome for the easy editor. However, we've been finding that it is painfully slow - especially when scrolling up or down the window.  We've given up with Chrome and switched to Firefox to see if this improves things.