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Account settings and admin
Account settings and admin

Settings, teams, users, billing and payment details.

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Settings overviewTeam and user details and permissions, account usage levels and billing information, and platform and feature settings.
Manage your account settingsAccess and manage administrative tasks for your account.
Product activation informationActivate products and services you've added to your account.
Login verificationOur security feature uses cookies to store information about the device and the browser that you use to log into Dotdigital.
Manage your user profileEdit your profile details, preferences and security details.
Buy upgrades and add-ons for your accountAccount upgrades and add-ons can be purchased from a single location, giving you easy access to all optional features available.
Change the account owner email addressThe account owner has overall admin rights on the account.
Change your passwordUpdate your password through your user profile.
Secure your account with two-factor authenticationAn extra layer of security used to make sure that anyone trying to access your account is who they say they are.
Supported browsers for using DotdigitalDotdigital works on all modern browsers. Older browsers may offer less support.
Use the recycle binRecover or permanently remove data.
Global Service Level Agreement for DotdigitalTechnology service availability, support management and product release communication channels.
Expiration and renewal of purchased domainsKnowing the expiration date of your domain is particularly important if you want to renew and maintain your domain.
IP addresses used by DotdigitalIP ranges to safelist to ensure all services are allowed through filtering and your account works correctly.
Password rotationOur password rotation feature forces users to change their Dotdigital password every 90 days.
Switch between Dotdigital and Fresh Relevance accountsFor users of both platforms, easily switch between accounts without breaking your workflow.