Merging address books

Learn to merge two or more address books into a new single address book.


You can merge two or more address books into a new single address book using our Merge address books option. 

When you merge address books, a new merged address book is created. The address books you merge from are not deleted.

Merge address books

To merge address books:

  1. Select Email > Contacts > All contacts.
  2. Select the check boxes of the address books you want to mergeselect-abs.png
  3. Expand the MORE ACTIONS drop-down menu and select Merge address books
  4. Enter the newly merged address book's name, and select whether you'd like to merge the address book suppression lists or keep the address book suppression lists separate
  5. When done, select OK. You'll be informed that your merged address book will be ready shortly.
  6. Refresh the page to make the newly merged address book appear in your address books list, whilst leaving the original ones still intact

Finding details about a merged address book

To find details of whether an address book was created by merging address books, and which address books were merged to do so, click on the Properties icon to the right of the address book. This information is contained in the 'Description' section.

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