Upload your HTML email templates


You can upload your own HTML email templates by going to Campaigns > My templates and selecting Upload template.


Can't see the 'Upload template' button?

The ability to upload a template needs enablement for an account. If you'd like this enabled, please contact us.

If you're a user of an account, you'll require the necessary user permission to upload templates. If you'd like this permission enabled, please speak to your account owner.

Steps to upload your own HTML email template

  1. Drag in or select files and relevant images to upload. Files can be uploaded individually, in multiples, or as a zip file.

    Only files with these extensions are supported: .html, .htm, .png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .css and .zip. If you attempt to upload file types that aren't supported, you'll be notified that they've been removed from your upload.
    Images need to be saved locally in the same folder as your HTML file (so don't use an 'images' folder) - this allows the system to reference them correctly upon upload.

    File sizes of up to 15MB are supported (or 50MB for zip files).

  2. Select Upload, your template then appears under the My templates tab, available to select for editing.

If you want to know more about writing templates for EasyEditor, check out our EasyEditor template markup guide.


If you're used to designing webpages, do remember that email HTML can be very different. We strongly advise using tables and font tags in preference to CSS classes where possible to ensure your email renders well in different email clients.
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