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Set up, design, test, and send email campaigns.

EasyEditor overviewUse Dotdigital’s EasyEditor to create and design email campaigns and landing pages.
Add a countdown timer to an email campaignCountdown timers can highlight time-sensitive events or promotions. They're great at adding a sense of urgency to your emails.
Change the colours in your email campaignAdd a bit of colour to your email campaigns.
Use different fonts in EasyEditorThe difference between web fonts and web-safe fonts, and the limitations you must consider when using them.
Add web fonts to emailVendors like Google and Adobe provide fonts to stylise your text. These fonts can be added to EasyEditor email templates or campaigns.
Insert unique file download links in an email campaignUse contact data fields to send each of your contacts a unique link.
Insert a calendar appointment link in an email campaignAllow your contacts to easily save an event in their calendars.
Insert links into your campaignAdd different link types to your campaign by using the link manager.
Create an invisible preheader for a campaignIf your campaign is required to have a preheader and you don't want it displayed in your campaign, then you're in the right place.
Add border lines and paddingEasyEditor makes it simple to add border lines and padding into your campaigns.
Insert dynamic rules and personalisation for subject lines and from namesUse personalisation and dynamic rules to determine what subject line and from name a contact should see.
Add data field personalisation to your email campaign or landing pageInsert personal information relating to each recipient within the body of the campaign or landing page.
Insert a GIF in an email campaignA few things you need to know before using GIFs in your email campaigns.
Images in EasyEditorLearn to add, insert, and edit images in a campaign or survey, page, or form.
Advice on image resolutions and retina displaysMake the most of the images you use in your campaigns.
Use the image managerUpload, download, store, and edit your images.
Use different languages and alphabets in email campaignsCreate and send your email campaigns in any language or alphabet.
Edit content visibility for different devicesMake sure your campaigns are optimised for mobile and desktop displays.
WinstonAI: Email Subject line and Campaign feedback assistantUse the power of AI to optimise your email campaigns.
WinstonAI: Rewrite assistant for emailUse WinstonAI for instant inspiration to help improve your copy.
Change the width of your campaignEdit the width of your campaigns created from templates in-app.
Edit the source code of an email campaignFine-tune your code and customise it exactly how you want it.
Review tools for email campaigns: the Utilities menuEasyEditor's Utilities menu has a number of tools to help you review your campaign.
Work with dark modeWhat you should consider when designing your campaign.

Create an email sending strategyImprove your sending reputation.
Verify your DNS records for a Self-hosted From addressIf you use a Custom from address and are self-hosting your DNS records, you must first verify the DNS records of your sending domain.
Verify your DNS records for a Send via From AddressIf you use a Send via From Address, then you must first verify the DNS records of your sending domain to prove ownership of the domain.
Understand your sender reputationYour account's sender reputation is an important indicator of good email marketing practice.
Understand email spam trapsThe different types of spam traps that mailbox providers use, and what happens if you hit a spam trap.
Avoid email spam trapsHow spam traps get into your email contact lists and how to avoid this.
Fix your sender reputationFix the negative effects a spam trap has on your sender reputation.
Delegate a subdomain to our serversUse a delegated subdomain for your custom 'from' address (CFA).
Understanding List-UnsubscribeList-Unsubscribe is a tag that tells email clients to automatically show the unsubscribe button in the email's header.
Branded domains: sending with a custom from address (CFA)The from address of your campaign is the email address a recipient sees in their inbox when they receive your email.
Understanding email authenticationMailbox providers use several types of email authentication to verify the legitimacy of the emails they receive.
Set up your BIMI logoHow to enable Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) in your account.
Improve engagement and inbox placementDevelop a holistic strategy to maintain a good sender reputation and boost your engagement and deliverability.
Why email engagement might dropIf you're experiencing a decrease in open or click-through rates, it could be down to various factors.
Why your email might land in spamSpam is considered unwanted mail, and if your emails land in the spam folder, it's likely due to a poor sender reputation.
Create a seed list to monitor sending activityA seed list is a list of email addresses that are automatically sent a copy of every campaign sent to 2000 contacts or more.
Create a custom from addressSet up a branded email sending address to help improve open rates and engagement, and encourage brand recognition.
How to reduce spam complaint ratesDiscover effective strategies to reduce spam complaints, improve your email deliverability, and maintain a healthy sender reputation.
Set up Google Postmaster ToolsVerify your account with Google Postmaster Tools and start using its tools, reports, and data.

Personalising your emails and pagesOur personalisation tools allow you to fine tune the content of your campaigns and pages to create highly relevant, customised content.
Grouping campaigns together using tagsAdding a tag, or tags, to your campaigns allows you to filter your campaigns in reports and listings.
Why you can't recall a campaign after sending
Adding campaigns as feeds to a websiteIncrease the reach and availability of your campaigns.
Using link grouping to group campaign links togetherEnable easier filtering and grouping for your link click reporting and link click segmentation.
Use background images in emailEverything you need to know about using, or not using, background images in your emails.
Working with GmailGmail has some particular behaviours that it can be helpful for you to know about when working on your email campaigns.
Email accessibilityCreate email campaigns that are accessible for everyone.
Rename an email campaignIf you need to rename one of your email campaigns, you can do this at any stage of the sending journey.
Change the linked URL in a sent email campaignAccidents happen, and sometimes campaigns get sent with an incorrect URL in one of the links.
Delete or recover an email campaignDe-clutter and rid yourself of old sent campaigns, or clear out drafted campaigns that never got sent.
Use the email campaign outboxThe outbox is where you can find campaigns currently sending, or scheduled campaigns waiting for their allotted time to be sent.
Add interactivity to your email campaigns with AMPAdd AMP content to make your email campaigns interactive.
Copy an email campaignSent or unsent campaigns can be copied, allowing you to edit an existing campaign without having to start all over again from scratch.
Edit the settings of a sent email campaignAfter a campaign has been sent (or while it's in the Outbox), there are a few things you can change.
Export templates and campaigns from your accountIf you need to export your email templates and campaign content you can do this by copying the source code out of each template or campaign.
Limitations of Microsoft Outlook for WindowsLimitations and unsupported features when displaying email campaigns in Microsoft Outlook.
Control the preview when sharing to FacebookControl what is displayed in a preview when sharing a campaign or page to Facebook.
Replies to your email campaignIf any recipient replies to a campaign that you've sent out, the replies are automatically stored in the report for that campaign.
Compatibility of building blocks in new responsive templatesOn 8 June 2016, we released an upgraded set of email templates designed to work seamlessly with all modern devices.