Use Web Behavior Tracking to increase your sales

Please note: this article assumes Web Behavior Tracking has been installed. It also assumes some familiarity with using and applying segmentation, and more specifically familiarity with Web Behavior Tracking and Web Behavior Tracking segmentation, as well as using the program builder.


You can use Web Behavior Tracking to identify contacts who have abandoned their carts or visited and browsed product pages on your site; you can then automatically target these contacts with relevant product recommendations, offers, testimonials and wishlist details to encourage them to convert their interest into a purchase.

For example, you're an eCommerce store and you have a current promotion involving a certain department. Sales aren't going as well as you thought though. Could it be that customers are interested and browsing this department's pages - but they could be converted with more information and encouragement to buy this department's best selling lines? It's time to target and educate these potential customers in a bid to galvanise sales.  

Using Web Behavior Tracking

You can use Web Behavior Tracking to:

  • Identify browsers who have visited the department's pages.
  • Firstly, use the program builder to create a simple program, which will automate the process for you. Set your program to enrol daily (although it could be less often, if you wish) and add an enrolment rule which triggers from a segment.

  • Create the appropriate enrolment rule.

  • You could also make it time specific, by adding a filter which only includes those contacts who have viewed the department's pages since the beginning of the promotion.

  • For your program's enrolment limit, the setting 'Enrol contacts in program only the first time they meet the start criteria' is probably the most appropriate for this. It means they'll get your campaign once, when scheduled, as they will only get enrolled once and will then exit the program.

  • Activate your program.

  • Your campaign will get automatically sent out to the contacts that satisfy your enrolment rules, informing them of the best sellers within the department. This allows you to educate those potential purchasers who were looking around. 

    You can include reviews of these best selling products and testimonials from satisfied customers, as well as suggesting other related products, meaning your recipient doesn't just hit a dead end if they do happen to decide none of these products are for them, or if they have already bought one or more of them.

    Or, if they do buy one or more of the best selling products off the back of the campaign, then they may also go on to buy one or more of the related products suggested, meaning you're making the most of a cross-selling and upselling opportunity.


Seeing results

With Web Behavior Tracking, you up your sales and increase ROI! And you can initiate cross-selling and upselling opportunities in the process. Pinpointing interested contacts and sending them contextual content maximises your impact. Not only that but they end up impressed by your proaction, your communications with them, and your attention to detail about their possible requirements. They also have a better impression overall of your business. Their connection with you, and engagement, has improved - which is likely to increase their loyalty and spend with you in the long term.

And don't forget - this Web Behavior Tracking program model, which could of course include greater complexity, can be applied to any type of individual product or sales page on your site, enabling you to convert 'browsing' leads into actual sales. 

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