Using person accounts with Dotdigital for Salesforce


When a Salesforce Organisation has had the Person Account option enabled, an additional field mapping table is available from the Field Mapping tab.

Person Accounts Field Mappings

By default FIRSTNAME, LAST NAME and FULLNAME (Account Name) are mapped to fields as shown.

The mapping of other Salesforce fields to those used in the Dotdigital application is possible. Existing Email Datafields can be selected from the dropdown list, new Email Data fields can also be created. The fields need to map for each separate type

Using the Show options it is possible to display All, Mapped or Unmapped fields.

Click Save to apply the changes displayed and Close to return to the main configuration window.

Person accounts can be added to Salesforce Campaigns just like 'Leads' and 'Contacts' and will be synchronised to the associated Dotdigital address book.

Please note

The following two buttons available for 'Leads' and 'Contacts' (Add to Automation Program and Engagement Timeline) aren't currently supported for 'Person accounts':


Person account page layout

The page layout will need to be modified by adding a field and the following related lists:

  • Email Campaigns
  • Email Clicks
  • Email Page Views
  • Email ROI
  • Email Social Bookmarks
  • Form Responses
  • Suppressions

In the quick find area, type 'person accounts' and then select Page Layouts to display the layout screen.

Click Edit next to the required page.

Select Opt-in type by dragging and dropping it into the area at the bottom of the screen.

To be able to sync opt-in type for your contacts, you'll need Dotdigital for Salesforce v2.41 or above. Read more about syncing the opt-in type field »

Select Related Lists.

For each list that is required for the Person Account layout, it will need to be selected and dragged into the list area at the bottom of the screen. Insert the lists in the order suggested. If all of the lists are added to the page, it will look as shown below.

The suggested 'Selected Fields' are as follows:

  • Email Campaigns - Email Address, DateTime Sent, Email Campaign, Email, Opens, Page Views, Clicks, Hard Bounced, Soft Bounced, Date Last Opened
  • Email Clicks - Email Address, Date Clicked, Email Campaign, Keyword, Ip Address, Url
  • Email Page Views - Email Address, Date Viewed, Email Campaign, Url
  • Email ROI - Email Address, Marker, Email Campaign
  • Email Social Bookmarks - Email Address, Social Name, Views, Email Campaign
  • Form Responses - Email Address, Date Completed, Form, Is Complete
  • Suppressions - Email, Reason, Email Account, Date Suppressed

Click OK.

Next, select Save just under 'Person Account Layout'.

The 'Overwrite Users' Related List Customizations' dialogue will display again. Click Yes to make the changes to the application and to confirm the customisation across your users.

After doing so, you'll be taken back to the 'Person Account Page Layout' screen.


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