Surveys and forms in Microsoft Dynamics


To access surveys and forms, select Marketing from the menu bar and then select Surveys & Forms from under 'Digital Marketing'. The 'Forms' screen is then displayed.

Surveys & Forms screen

This screen displays a list of surveys and forms in a table. Summary information relating to each form can be seen by reading across each row. This provides an at-a-glance view of the status of the form.

You are able to filter and search upon this list using standard Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality.

Creating a new form

Step 1: Create your survey or form in Engagement Cloud.
Step 2: Within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, click Marketing then Forms to access the 'Forms' screen.

i) If your form is displayed, click on the form's name to display the form information screen. 
ii) If your form is not displayed, you need to synchronise Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Engagement Cloud. Click Synchronise. A pop-up window then displays.
iii) If you do not have appropriate access rights, the pop-up window will advise you that you are unable to complete synchronisation. You should contact your System Administrator if you think you should be able to perform this task.
iv) If you do have the appropriate access rights, the pop-up window will advise you that ‘Forms have successfully been added to the synchronisation queue.’ You should allow several minutes depending on the amount of data to be copied before you refresh your screen. When the synchronisation process is complete, your forms shall appear in the table.

Synchronising forms

Clicking the Synchronise button retrieves details of new forms as described above. You will need to synchronise with Engagement Cloud regularly throughout the life of the form to retrieve response data. This is completed automatically at timed intervals as pre-determined by the Email Campaign Manager but it is possible to manually synchronise in addition to this.

You may be working on a form and wish to retrieve the latest statistics immediately, without waiting for the next automatic synchronisation. You can use the Synchronise button on the forms screen to do this, or, to synchronise a specific form, you can use the Synchronise button on the 'Form Information' screen.

A note on hidden field values: these values don't currently get synchronised from surveys and forms. You'll see a blank entry instead under 'Display value'.

You might want to consider assigning the hidden field to a contact data field in Engagement Cloud, and then mapping that accordingly to a CRM field. This way the value will get synced if the respondent is a contact.

Form information screen

To access a specific form, click Marketing in the menu bar, then select Forms to display the 'Forms' screen. Click on the form you wish to view.

This screen is divided into three main sections:

  • General
  • Questions
  • Responses

Each is explored in more depth below.


This section displays the non-editable basic information related to the form, such as name, complete responses, first/last response date and public URL. This data originates from Engagement Cloud.


This section displays a breakdown of the questions posed on the form, the type of question (text, radio list, email, etc.) and other details relating to the specific questions.

To retrieve more information relating to an individual question, click on the question's name.

The 'Form question: information' screen displays more detailed information relating to an individual question. In the example below, a radio list question has been selected, and the available responses are detailed below the general information.


This section displays a breakdown of all of the complete and incomplete individual responses to the form. To retrieve more information relating to an individual response, click on the respondent's name.

You are shown a breakdown of how the selected respondent answered each of the questions on the form. Each form question, response and response date is displayed in a table.

Lead/contact options

All form responses are recorded against a corresponding lead or contact (if a match is made by email address).

When viewing a lead or contact, select either Form answers or Form responses to view form data originating from Engagement Cloud that is related specifically to that contact or lead.

This information is also displayed in the Engagement timeline against the lead/contact record.

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