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Synchronise contact scoring with Microsoft Dynamics
Synchronise contact scoring with Microsoft Dynamics

Manage and prioritise your most promising prospects for further engagement.

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Contact scoring enables you to score and rank your contacts against a scale that you create, based on their engagement with you and the data you hold on them. The connector allows you to synchronise these scores from your Dotdigital contact records to the corresponding records in Microsoft Dynamics.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • You must have contact scoring enabled on your Dotdigital account.

    Learn more about Contact scoring in Contact scoring overview.

  • You must use Dotdigital for Dynamics connector version 2015+ v7.0.1.715 or above, 2013 v6.0.1.715 or above, or 2011 v5.0.0.10 or above.

Synchronise contact scores

In order to activate Contact scoring, you must set it to perform a daily sync, as Dotdigital performs a calculation of Contact scoring every 24 hours. By default, the sync setting in Microsoft Dynamics is set to Manual only.

To set the sync schedule for Contact scoring:

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics, go to Email Accounts under Settings in the left side menu.

  2. Select the account name.

  3. Select Scheduled Sync Settings.

  4. Set the synchronisation Interval and Sync Window for the Contact scoring synchronisation type. By default, the synchronisation setting is manual.


  5. Select Save.

After the first sync is complete, you can see the see five new fields populated on your Contact and Lead records. To view these fields, go to the Scoring tab of a Contact, Lead or Account record.

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