Program extensions: Shopify

Please note: Whereas you don't need to enable this particular program extension or initially set up a profile for it, you may still want to read Using program extensions, as this article assumes you have.

If you can't see the Shopify program extension under 'Extensions' in the program builder, then you'll need to make sure your store is connected by completing the installation and setup of the Shopify Plus connector


A Shopify extension can be used in programs to create customers (as well as subscribers) when they reach the node. This is useful if you're making use of an Engagement Cloud signup form in your store, for instance, but you want to send back a subscriber to Shopify in order to trigger other sales or marketing communication channels for them. 

There is no need for us to enable this provider for you, or for you to create a profile.

As soon as your store is connected, you'll find the extension available in the program builder under Extensions in the side panel to the left of the program canvas.


Configuring your Shopify extension

Once you've dragged and dropped your Shopify extension into your program, you'll need to configure it.

Click on the node and the configuration panel will slide in from the right.


The Shopify Profile is already set.

The action Create customer is already confirmed for you.

By default, Accepts marketing is selected, which will ensure contacts will be added as subscribers to your store subscribers address book. Select it if you want contacts to be created as customers only.

Once a program is activated and a contact reaches this node in your program, the contact will be added as a customer or subscriber within your store.

If a contact's email address already exists in Shopify then they won't get added or updated; they'll simply continue to the next node of the program.

The extension supports the following Shopify Plus customer fields for a newly added contact (and uses the mapping as defined in the Field mapping section of your Shopify Plus connector):

  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Accept marketing

Once happy with your configuration, you should firstly test the extension to ensure it works as expected. Click on Find contact, choose a contact from your Test address book and then click Submit to make a test request. The full response will be provided underneath, allowing you to see whether the extension is working or not.

After testing successfully, click Apply

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