Marketing preferences in Dotdigital for Salesforce


Marketing preferences one-way (from Dotdigital to Salesforce)
If you've installed package v2.42 or 2.43, you'll only be able to synchronise marketing preferences one-way from Dotdigital to Salesforce.

Marketing preferences two-way

You'll need package v2.44+ installed to be able to synchronise marketing preferences two-way. To upgrade to the latest version, go to the 'Configuration' area. If you can't see the 'Configuration' area, it's because you don't have the permissions to do so. To gain access, please contact your Salesforce system administrator.


Marketing preferences can be synced two-way for contacts, leads and person accounts between Salesforce and Dotdigital. To learn how marketing preferences work in Dotdigital and to build your own preference centre, please refer to this article.

You can update or delete marketing preferences in the 'Contact', 'Lead' and 'Person account' entities directly in Salesforce, and have the preference pushed into Dotdigital and vice versa.

We use the 'last modified wins' approach when determining which preference go which way. This allows us to identify which system holds the most recent preference and this gets synced across the other system.


This feature allows you to:

  • Build and maintain a fully integrated marketing preference centre between Dotdigital and Salesforce
  • Sync new preferences opt-ins and opt-outs from Dotdigital to Salesforce and vice versa
  • Sync the latest opt-in and opt-outs from one platform (Dotdigital or Salesforce) to the other so both systems are always kept up to date
  • Sync all new preference opt-ins and opt-outs into Salesforce, but we'll only record to 'Contacts', 'Leads' and 'Person' accounts that are in at least one Email Address book
  • Remove preferences from Salesforce, if contact marketing preferences are deleted in Dotdigital

Upgrade to the latest package

To download and install the latest package, you'll need to log into Salesforce as a system administrator and navigate to the Configuration tab.

The installation needs to be performed as a Salesforce system administrator for two key reasons:

  • To ensure the package installs fully and correctly into Salesforce
  • To ensure you have the required permission level to modify page layouts and apply permission sets to users

The details for the package upgrade will be displayed. Check and verify them before clicking Upgrade. The upgrade will then take place and you'll be notified when it's completed.

Setting up marketing preferences

To add marketing preferences to the layout of your 'Contacts'/'Leads'/'Person account' page, you'll need to add it as a related list as follows:

  1. In the quick find area, type 'contacts' and then select Page Layouts to display the layout screen
  2. Click on Edit next to the required page
  3. Next, select Related Lists. Alternatively, if you're viewing a contact, you can do the same action by clicking Edit Layout from the top right menu.

  4. 'Opted In Preferences' will need to be selected and dragged into the list area at the bottom of the screen.

    SF_opted_in_preferences.jpgThe Suggested 'Selected Fields' are as follows:
    • Name
    • Type
    • Dotdigital Account
    • Last Modified Date

      SF_opted_in_preferences_2.jpgRemember to save your configuration before leaving the page.

  5. The ''Overwrite Users' Related List Customizations' dialogue will display again. Click Yes to make the changes to the application and to confirm the customisation across your users.

Schedule your 'Marketing Preferences' synchronisation

You can set the synchronisation of your marketing references from Settings > Sync options > Synchronisation Schedule. Please make sure you select anything different than 'Manual'. Once you've configured your settings, don't forget to click the Save button. Should you be required to force the sync of 'Marketing Preferences', simply tick 'Sync Now' and click Synchronise Now.

SF_sync_schedule.jpgModifying marketing Preferences in Salesforce

To modify marketing preferences directly in Salesforce, for a 'Contacts', 'Leads' or 'Person' account, go to the 'Opted in Preferences' area, where you will be able to edit and delete marketing preferences. Should you want to add a marketing preference, you can do so by going to the 'New Opted In Preference'.


Multiple Dotdigital accounts

If your Salesforce instance is linked to multiple Dotdigital accounts, please note that marketing preferences won't cascade or be synced across accounts.

Should you wish to have the same marketing preferences in more than one account, a Salesforce workflow should be built to reassure these preferences are shared across other accounts.

Marketing preferences report

After adding and syncing marketing preferences from Dotdigital, you'll also have access to a new report - 'Most Popular Marketing Preferences'. A chart shows a breakdown of your preferences by popularity (up to a maximum of 25 preferences) as they stand at the current time.


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