Use abandoned cart with the BigCommerce connector


We love simplicity, so we’ve made it easier for you to integrate abandoned carts with BigCommerce.


You need the dotdigital Engagement Cloud integration for your BigCommerce store. To get the BigCommerce integration, go to the Apps & Integrations area in BigCommerce and get the integration there. If you already have the integration, simply update the app via the banner in the Edit your BigCommerce settings area; you can find this by going to BigCommerce in the Settings menu in Engagement Cloud.

When a banner appears in the BigCommerce settings area, it explains what’s required to use this feature. If you haven’t already, you must enable Web Behaviour Tracking to track all cart events - ask your Account Manger to enable this. Once enabled, click Recheck dependencies and the banner should disappear, enabling your access to the Abandoned cart section.

Setting up the integration

You need to enable two settings in your BigCommerce store: the Optimize one page checkout option needs to be selected (if not, you need to manually create the script) and your store needs to be Stencil themed (for compatibility reasons).

To check if the integration is set up:

  1. Complete the actions in the Using the integration section of this article.
  2. Go to Engagement Cloud.
  3. Go to Access > Web behavior profiles.

An abandoned cart tracking profile should appear, if your account didn’t have one before. This is where the unique ID is and can be used to generate the script to track the cart by CartInsight data. In the BigCommerce Script Manager, there should be two installed scripts: dotdigital Web Behaviour Tracking and dotdigital Abandoned Cart Tracking. If these are present, you’ve successfully set up the integration.

Using the integration

To start using the integration, in the BigCommerce settings area of Engagement Cloud:

  1. Go to the Abandoned cart area.
  2. Select the program that abandoned cart customers are enrolled in.
  3. Select a delay time for 30 minutes (default), 1, 6 or 12 hours, next to the Enrol abandoned carts after drop-down menu.

So for example, if a logged-in user visits your storefront and they add an item to their cart and abandon it, they’re then enrolled into the abandoned cart program, if there’s no further action before the delay time you’ve specified. A user must be logged in to your store for the integration to work.

Removing the integration

Removing the integration removes the script and disables any program enrolments. To deactivate or disable a program:

  1. Go to Email > Automation > My programs.
  2. Select the abandoned cart enrolment program you want to deactivate.
  3. Go to the More actions drop-down menu.
  4. Select Deactivate enrolments or Disable program.

To remove the BigCommerce integration, go to Settings > BigCommerce. Under the Store access heading, select Remove BigCommerce connection.

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