Move from Magento to Shopify

Learn about some key considerations and checks you must do when thinking about moving from Magento to Shopify.


If you chose to move your site from Magento 1 or Magento 2 to Shopify, our integration covers your marketing automation needs.

The Dotdigital for Shopify connector works with Shopify and Shopify Plus stores and you can synchronise the following data types:

  • Customers
  • Subscribers (accepts marketing)
  • Orders
  • Catalog (products)

In addition to data synchronisation, the connector has abandoned checkout, abandoned cart and automation functionalities.

There are also a few key differences and item checks to consider for your marketing strategy when planning your move.

Considering key differences

When moving to Shopify, consider the following:

  • The Shopify connector doesn’t sync Quotes, Wishlist, Review or Consent data.
  • With the Shopify connector, custom data fields must be mapped as Tags from Shopify.
  • The Shopify connector only supports the following automations:
    • New Customer
    • New Subscriber
    • First Order
    • New Order
    • Abandoned Checkout
  • Coupon codes, abandoned cart content and product recommendations are all generated by building blocks in the EasyEditor, rather than external dynamic content (EDC).
  • The Shopify connector doesn’t feature a simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) relay for transactional emails. However, the connector does integrate well with Shopify Flow.

To-do items after connector installation

After making the transition to Shopify, we recommend doing the following:

  • Delete or disable the API users used for your Magento extension.
  • Update or disable all automations triggered by Magento.
  • Update all campaigns that use Magento EDC:
    • Insert the Abandoned Cart building block into Abandoned Cart campaigns.
    • Insert the Coupon Code building block into existing campaigns sending coupon codes.
    • Replace Most Viewed and Best Sellers EDC by using the Production Recommendation functionality.
  • Delete your old catalog insight data (Catalog_Default). Any Product Recommendations built using the synced catalog data from Magento will need to be rebuilt using the catalog data from Shopify.
  • Delete your order insight collection before connecting the store to avoid any duplicates, if you decide to migrate your order history to Shopify.
  • Map any data fields to sync through by the Shopify settings in your Dotdigital account.
  • Familiarize yourself with key differences between Abandoned Checkout and Abandoned Cart. Abandoned cart will require custom scripts to be implemented onto your site and takes some time to implement.
  • Add any web behavior tracking scripts manually.
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