12 February 2020 - Introducing: 20one

What’s new


For Chat, you can now:


For SMS, you can now:
  • Send SMS split tests.
  • Get creative and start building engaging campaigns using our auto-responder tool.
  • See updated SMS previews throughout the app. 
  • Start paying for sent messages in arrears. You can speak to your account manager for details.
  • Resubscribe contacts that hard-bounced from within the SMS suppressed contacts list.


For Ecommerce, you can now:

Abandoned cart and search

For abandoned cart and search, you can now:

Microsoft Dynamics 365

For Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can now:
  • Access a new solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that supports both Classic and Unified Interface, solution number Enhancements for Unified Interface includes:
    • Easier access, navigation and usability
    • Lighter solution for smoother upgrades
    • No modals (pop-ups)
    Learn more about our solution for Unified Interface and how you can upgrade to the latest solution.

Help centre

  • We've updated our help centre, so articles are easier for you to navigate.

Magento 2 (v4.3.4)

Magento Enterprise (v1.0.6)

Bug fixes and other improvements

  • Plus, we've made over 70 other bug fixes and improvements!
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