Synchronise contacts or leads between Salesforce and Dotdigital

Learn to synchronise your contacts or leads from your Salesforce account to Dotdigital.


It's essential to keep your records up to date by keeping your Salesforce and Dotdigital accounts in sync, it takes little effort to keep your contacts and leads up-to-date.

Synchronising your Salesforce and Dotdigital accounts is a three-part process:

  1. Create a campaign in Salesforce and add to the campaign any contacts or leads you want to synchronise.
  2. Link this campaign to an Email Address Book in Salesforce.
  3. Configure your sync direction
  4. Synchronise the address book with Dotdigital.

Step 1: Create a new Campaign in Salesforce

You can also use an existing Campaign if you want.

To create a new Campaign:

  1. In Salesforce, expand the Campaigns drop-down menu, then select + New Campaign.
    If you want to use an existing campaign, select the Campaign name.salesforce-sync-new-campaign.png
  2. Enter a name for the new Campaign, and edit any other details you want, then select Save
  3. Under the heading Campaign members, select Add Leads or Add Contacts depending on the type of member you are adding.
     There are multiple ways to add campaign members, but for this example we are only covering this one way.
  4. Select the (+) icon next to all the contacts you want to add to your campaign. Then select Next.
  5. On the confirmation screen, check the details are correct and select Submit to add the contacts to your campaign.

Step 2: Link your Campaign to an Email Address Book.

  1. From the top of your campaign page, select Link to an Email Address Book.
  2. Select Create a new address book.
    If you want to use an existing address book, go to Step 2.4.
  3. Enter a name for your new address book and select Create.
  4. Under the heading ADDRESS BOOK NAMES, select the check box for the address book you want to link.
  5. Select Link.

Step 3: Configure your sync direction (one-way or two-way)

Two-way sync in public preview

Two-way sync is currently in public preview, speak to your customer success manager to learn more.

Suppose you want to allow some data modification coming from Dotdigital or Salesforce, or restrict some data fields to only come from Dotdigital. In that case, you'll need to update the Sync Direction of these specific data fields.

To define the sync direction of your contacts and leads data fields:

  1. In Salesforce, go to Configuration > Settings > Field mapping.
  2. Map all required fields.
  3. For each mapped field, expand the Sync Direction drop-down menu, and choose either Salesforce to Dotdigital, Dotdigital to Salesforce, or Two-way.
    By default, all data field mappings are set as Salesforce to Dotdigital.
  4. Select Save.

This must be done for Contacts and Leads.

Step 4: Synchronise the address book with Dotdigital

Once you've linked your email address book to a campaign, configured your field mapping and sync direction, Salesforce creates the address book in Dotdigital. It synchronises it automatically during the next scheduled synchronisation.

If you want to synchronise the address book manually, go to the Email Address Book and select Synchronise Address Book.

If you want to capture new leads in Salesforce for any new contacts added in the Dotdigital address book, learn how to Create new leads from Dotdigital to Salesforce.

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