Send transactional email using SMTP or API

Learn the different methods for sending transactional email.


Our transactional email function lets you send administrative, operational-based, non-marketing email to contacts via SMTP, or using our API. You can then manage and track your transactional email using the platform.

Methods to send transactional email

Transactional email can be sent via SMTP, or it can be sent via our API.

To send using SMTP you must create a transactional email user (more on creating these credentials below).

To send using our API, you must create an API user if you don't have one already.

To learn how to create a new API user, check out the article Setting up the API.

Send using SMTP

To send using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), you need to connect to:

  • if you have an account belonging to region 1 (Europe)
  • if you have an account belonging to region 2 (North America)
  • if you have an account belonging to region 3 (Asia Pacific)

You can either connect to ports 25, 587, or 2525, provided you support secure sending via the STARTTLS command, or you can connect securely to port 465.

Send using our API

To send via our API, you'll require the REST operation Send transactional email or the SOAP method SendTransactionalEmail.

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