Google Workspace: Set up and find SSO configuration information

Learn to set up and find the correct information to configure single sign-on for your Dotdigital account using Google Workspace.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

Step 1: Create a new Google Cloud Project

1. In Google Workspace, go to your Google Cloud Platform projects list.
3. For Project name, enter a name for your project.

Use a name that's easy to identify, such as Dotdigital.

4. If you want to publish an app listing privately to a domain, under Organization, choose the organization that needs access to the app.
5. Select Create.

Step 2: Create a client ID and client secret

  1. Go to
  2. Select +CREATE CREDENTIALS, then OAuth client ID.
  3. Google might ask you to create a product name. If so, select Configure consent screen, and enter any requested information.
    For the product name, use a name that's easy to identify, such as Dotdigital.
  4. For Application type, select Web application.
  5. For Authorised JavaScript origins, enter the URI
  6. For Authorised redirect URIs, enter the URI
  7. Select Create. You now see your new credentials.
  8. Copy the client ID and client secret, and save them for later.

Step 3: Authorise your domain

1. Using the side-menu, go to OAuth consent screen.
2. For User type, select Internal.
3. For Authorized domains, enter

Step 4: Copy the Well-known endpoint

The Well-known endpoint for Google Workspace is Copy this endpoint and save it for later.

Next steps

You now have all the information you need to set SSO up on your account.


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