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The Automation Studio is access to your Dotdigital account and the Dotdigital application in its entirety from within the connector.

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By providing OAuth/Single sign-on credentials, you can link your Magento account with your Dotdigital account, meaning there's no need to log into Dotdigital or keep switching between windows to create campaigns, automation programs, manage contacts or use any other functionality.

To access the Automation Studio, select Marketing Automation from the top navigation menu.

Once linked and accessed, select Fullscreen on the far right of the Dotdigital navigation bar to open Dotdigital in full-screen mode in a new browser window.

Set up access to Automation Studio

In order to set up access to Automation Studio, you need OAuth credentials.

To obtain these credentials, email, and our Support team can provide you with a client ID and a client secret key.

There are also a couple of other requirements:

  • The email address associated to your Magento user must be a user of the Dotdigital account you're trying to link to.

  • Your website must have an SSL certificate.

Once you have your OAuth credentials and the above requirements are in place, you're ready to set up your connection.

  1. In Magento, go to System > Configuration > DOTMAILER > Developer and then select OAUTH Credentials.

  2. Complete the following details:

    • Client ID and Client Secret Key
      Enter these as provided to you by our Support team.

    • Custom OAUTH domain
      If your Dotdigital account is running on a custom domain instead of the default Dotdigital one, enter it here.

    • Custom Authorization URI
      If your admin site is running on a different domain to your website, you need to specify your website's homepage domain here.

  3. Select Save Config.

  4. For Connection, select Connect.

I receive an error when trying to connect to Dotdigital. Why can't I connect?

There could be a few reasons for this, so double-check the following:

  • Ensure the email address of your Magento user is the same email address of a user of the Dotdigital account that you're connecting to.

  • Visit https://[]/connector/email/callback and ensure SSL is working.

  • Log into your Dotdigital account and ensure the domain of your account is https://r[x] If it's not, you need to specify the domain you do see in the Custom OAUTH domain field.

  • Ensure that your website's homepage is on the same domain as the one you're accessing the admin site from. If it's not, you need to specify this different domain in the Custom Authorization URI field.

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