Learn how to connect Typeform and start using its forms to add contacts to your account.


Typeform lets you create conversational style forms. Use our Typeform integration to connect your Typeform account to your Dotdigital account and start using your Typeform signup forms to add new contacts.

Before you start

Things to know:

  • You must have a Typeform account with a form already created.
  • Your Typeform form must have at least one email type question.

Step 1: Find the Typeform integration

To find the Typeform integration:

  1. Go to Integration hub.
  2. Choose the Self-serve tab.
  3. Under the category Automation, select Typeform.
  4. Select Use Integration.

Step 2: Connect Typeform to Dotdigital

To connect Typeform to Dotdigital:

  1. In the Integration Hub, select +Connect your Typeform.
  2. In the popup, sign in to your Typeform account, and select Accept to allow access to the integration.
  3. Select Ok to complete the integration, then select Next.
  4. Read the integration information, then select Next

Step 3: Set up your settings

To set up your settings:

  1. On Settings, expand the Select form drop-down menu and choose the signup form you want to connect to your Dotdigital account.
  2. Expand the Select an address book drop-down menu, and choose an address book to add contacts to.
  3. Expand the Enforce double opt-in on new submissions drop-down menu and choose Yes or No to decide whether you want to force your new contacts to use double opt-in.
  4. Select Next.

Step 4: Map your data fields

On Field mapping, you can map the answers to your Typeform form's questions to data fields in your Dotdigital account. EMAIL type data fields are mapped automatically, but to map your additional data fields:

1. Expand the Questions drop-down menu and choose the question you want to map the answer to a data field.
2. Expand the Data fields drop-down menu and choose the data field you want to map the answer to.

To map more data fields, select +Add additional mapping.

3. Select Next.

That's it! From now on, any new Typeform form submissions will automatically create new contacts in your Dotdigital account.

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