Abandoned cart implementation – an overview for marketeers

Learn about Abandoned cart services and what to expect after you purchase the functionality.


By implementing our abandoned cart script onto your site or using a supported integration, such as Magento 2, you can start gathering abandoned cart data for your contacts. Once you set this up, abandoned cart data is populated against a contact's record and used to output a series of automated emails.

Support for Abandoned cart implementation

You'll be assigned a Dotdigital Digital Marketing Specialist (DMS) and in some cases, a 3rd line support agent where necessary. Your DMS works with you to create your series of abandoned cart emails, build and test your abandoned cart program, and create segments to make sure you capture the correct data.

We'll provide you with documentation relevant to your implementation, for example, connecting your cart with your Dotdigital to Magento 2 instance or for your agency or developer to apply custom scripts to your web pages.

Before you start

  • All Dotdigital clients must go through pre-qualification with our Solutions Consultancy team to ensure any technical requirements are met and determine if the service is the right solution for you.
  • The Abandoned Cart Implementation replaces the Basic and Full-Service products previously listed.

Your campaigns and automation

We will provide you with some abandoned cart layouts to get started with, but you can use your own personalised campaigns if you want. You can give these to your Digital marketing specialist and any campaign assets, including all copy and imagery used within the series of emails.

Once we can see which data is populating against contact records, we will need to know which values to populate within your emails that we create using Advanced Personalisation.

Your Digital marketing specialist will work with you to create the automation and understand any requirements such as exit conditions and decisions based on specific criteria.

As part of the Abandoned cart implementation, you also receive:

  • a briefing call with your Digital marketing specialist to discuss your program and email setup requirements
  • cart script testing; your Digital Marketing Specialist will create an account on your website (if publicly available on staging), add items to the cart, abandon and check the Dotdigital account to confirm the data is synchronising
  • creation of up to three triggered emails
  • building and testing of the automation journey

Abandoned Cart Add-on

If you have multiple accounts, brands or languages, we've also created a service to suit your needs – it'll be a replication of your Abandoned Cart implementation with a change in branding or language.

This is an add-on product for:

  • customers who've previously had a Dotdigital abandoned cart service implemented
  • new or existing customers purchasing this alongside our Abandoned cart implementation

Interested in these products?

  • If you're looking for a more technical overview, check out the Abandoned carts area in the Help centre.
  • If you'd like to discuss this with us further, contcat your Customer success or Account manager.
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