Transactional email dashboard

Learn how to use the transactional email dashboard to keep track of your transactional email sends.


The Transactional email dashboard shows you an account-wide visual overview of your transactional emails.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • You must have transactional email enabled on your account.

View the Transactional email dashboard

To view the Transactional email dashboard, go to Analytics > Channel analytics > Dashboards: Transactional email. This area shows you an overview of your sent transactional emails, including a graph and table.


Change the date range

Select Date range to change the transactional email data time frame.

Today, yesterday, last seven days, last week, this month, last month, last 30 days, all time, or enter a custom date range.

Reporting tiles

At the top of the dashboard, four tiles show the total amount of transactional emails sent in the selected time frame, the amount delivered, the total amount of opens, and the total amount of clicks for links within the transactional emails – shown as a number and a percentage for each tile.

Reporting graph and table

The graph gives you a visual representation of similar information per day over the selected period. The coloured lines represent the amount of emails delivered, opens, clicks and transactional email bounces.

Below the graph data, you can see details in a table about each transactional email that was sent. This shows you the date and time the transactional email was sent, the email address of the contact it was sent to, the email subject line, the total email opens and clicks, and if it was successfully delivered or not.

If you sent your transactional emails using a triggered campaign template, the table shows the associated triggered campaign ID and name used at the time of the send. These columns are available in the export and can be used for reporting purposes to know how many emails were sent using a particular campaign name or ID.

Download a campaign

Select the Download button to download and view the transactional email campaign on your device.

Transactional email campaign downloads are kept for 90 days. After this time, you can’t download the campaign.

Delete campaign data

To delete details from the table, select the checkbox next to the record and then select Delete. This removes the email address you sent to, but any opens and clicks data is kept.

Be GDPR compliant

This allows you to be GDPR compliant when a contact wants you to remove them from your transactional email marketing.

Filter by status

To filter by success status, expand the Successes drop-down menu, then select Show successes only to see which sends were successful. To view failures, select Show failures.

Search for a contact

Enter a contact name into the Search box to find them in the report.

Export a report

In the Export drop-down menu, select Export all to download the report as a CSV file.

Change the display

Select Display to change the number of transactional emails that are shown on one page, or add or hide visible columns in the report.

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