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Send an email campaign

To send an email campaign to unified contacts:

  1. Go to Campaigns > Email and select an existing campaign name, or select NEW CAMPAIGN.

  2. Complete your campaign details.
    If you want to add personalisation to the Subject line or Friendly from name, select the Data fields icon. With unified contacts, you can choose from any of your data fields, including SMS fields.

  3. Continue to the EasyEditor design canvas and design your campaign as you want it. Select DATA FIELDS to add personalisation to your campaign, including SMS fields.

  4. Progress to the Contacts step of the campaign creation process. Under Choose an audience, you see your Lists, Segments and Marketing preferences. For each of these, the total number of contacts is displayed, as well as the number of email addresses that it’s possible for the campaign to be sent to.

    Select the contacts you want to send to, then select SAVE & CONTINUE.

  5. You see the campaign summary screen, which allows you to check the details of your campaign before confirming the send. Under One final check before you send, you can see the number of email addresses the campaign is being sent to against the total number of contacts in your selected lists, segments or marketing preferences.

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