Suppressed contacts and domains

Suppress all email addresses with a specified domain.

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Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • When you suppress an email address, if the contact resubscribes themselves to your campaigns (or you choose to resubscribe them) they are not sent a resubscribe confirmation email. They are immediately added back into your Contacts master list.

  • Contacts who are suppressed on all their available channels do not count towards your contact allowance.

View suppressed contacts

To view suppressed contacts, go to Audience > Suppressions.

Suppressed contacts

The Suppressed contacts list is the area of your account that stores all contacts suppressed on at least one channel.

You can manually add a contact to this list if you choose to.

Suppressed domains

The Suppressed domains tab displays a list of all email domains that have been suppressed. By adding suppression at a domain level, all email addresses in your lists for that domain are automatically suppressed. This saves you a lot of time when a company asks to be removed as a whole from your lists.

To add a new domain to this list:


  2. Enter the domains you want to suppress into the text field. Enter each domain on a separate line.
    ​You can suppress a maximum of 1000 domains for each account.



To reverse the domain suppression, select the Undo icon next to the relevant domain on the Suppressed domains tab, then select UNDO SUPPRESSION.

Any email addresses associated with the deleted domain won't be resubscribed back to your contacts. You can add contacts back by contacting support or by using the Resubscribe contact with no challenge API call.

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