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Opt-ins, unsubscribes and suppressions
Opt-ins, unsubscribes and suppressions
Understand email contact suppression reasonsWhat causes a suppression and what each email suppression reason means.
Suppressed contacts and domainsSuppress all email addresses with a specified domain.
Adjusting soft bounce settingsSet a threshold for the number of consecutive soft bounces allowed for a contact’s email address.
Turn off SMS hard bounce automatic suppressionStop automatically suppressing a mobile number after three hard bounces.
Email opt-in typesWhat different opt-in types mean and the difference between them.
SMS opt outsContacts can opt-out of SMS communications by replying to an SMS campaign with one of a specific set of stop words.
Edit a contact's email opt-in typeA contact's email opt-in type shows their sign up status and can prove whether you can send email marketing campaigns to them.
Suppress a contactUse suppressions to temporarily, or permanently, stop certain contacts from receiving your email or SMS communications.
Delete a suppressed contactDeleting a suppressed contact involves deleting only their associated Insight and contact data field data.
Resubscribe a contactAfter a contact unsubscribes, they might change their mind and ask you to resubscribe them, or resubscribe themselves using a signup form.
Export your suppressed contactsSuppressed contacts are those who have unsubscribed, bounced, ISP complained, or otherwise been removed from your lists.
Use verified double opt-inWe class a contact’s email opt-in status as verified double when they opt in to your email communications using our double opt-in feature.
Using verified double opt-in on existing contactsIt’s best practice in email marketing to confirm that you have consent from your contacts to send them your communications.
Segment contacts with verified double opt-inThe Email channel opt-in type contact data field contains the email opt-in type of each of your contacts.
Establish when a contact subscribedFor every contact, we store the date of their most recent subscription.
Set up a preference centreImprove communications with your contacts by giving them an easy way to manage how you contact them and what data you hold about them.
Let your contacts opt-out of campaigns for sensitive eventsLet your contacts opt-out of possibly sensitive events such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.
Sharing suppression lists between accountsShare suppression lists between accounts within your team.
Create a signup formGenerate HTML code that you can copy and add to a page on your website.
Use a customised unsubscribe formAllow contacts to opt-out of your communications.
Unsubscribe a contactUnsubscribe a contact so they no longer receive communications from you.
Add and remove suppressions from a listSuppress contacts from a list manually
Export suppressions from a listDownload a file of contacts suppressed from a specific list.
Unsubscribe and Preferences page languagesWe automatically translate your unsubscribe or preference page into the chosen language of your contacts.
Customise the resubscribe confirmation emailDesign a custom resubscribe confirmation email for contacts who have unsubscribed from your email communications.
Customise the double opt-in confirmation emailAdd your logo to the default system email, or set a triggered campaign as your double opt-in confirmation email.
Understand contact and channel suppressionsA contact can have an email address, mobile number, or both, stored against them. These methods of communication are called channels.