Edit a contact's email opt-in type

A contact's email opt-in type shows their sign up status and can prove whether you can send email marketing campaigns to them.

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Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • Before you change an email opt-in type, you must read about and fully understand the different opt-in types available. In many cases, you can't change the email opt-in type of a contact without their recorded consent.

  • You must not change a contact's email opt-in type to Double without recorded consent.

  • If you change the email opt-in type to Verified double for contacts already in your lists, we send them a confirmation email and temporarily remove them from all of your lists until they manually confirm their opt-in status.

Change a contact's email opt-in type

  1. Go to Audience > Contacts.

  2. Find the contact you want to change the opt-in type for, then select the contact’s email address or the Edit icon.

  3. Select the Data fields tab.

  4. For Email, select Subscribed.

  5. In the side panel, select the current email opt-in type, then select the radio button for the email opt-in type you want to change to.

  6. Select APPLY.

⚠️You must not switch the email opt-in type to Double or Verified double without the contact's consent.

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