Review and send your campaign

You’ve finished creating your campaign, tested it, and decided who to send to and when to send.

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In the final campaign step, Send, you just need to review your campaign details and confirm your send.


The campaign summary page

The campaign summary shows you an overview of your campaign details and highlights anything that might need more attention.

In particular, check for any information that has an amber ! symbol next to it - these are areas we think you should address before sending your campaign. Where this is the case, we provide a helpful tip about what action you can take to resolve the problem.

The campaign summary is split into a number of sections. Each section title has an Edit icon next to it so that you can quickly return to the relevant campaign step if you want to make any changes.

  • Campaign details
    These are the details you added in the very first campaign step, Create, such as your Friendly from name and subject line. In this section, you can select EDIT for the Forward replies to option to add or edit the forwarding address for the campaign (the email address replies to your campaign are forwarded to).

  • HTML content
    This section details the HTML size, number of words and images, and hyperlinks contained within the HTML version of your campaign. You might see the message that some of your links could not be validated. This is common, as some websites block the automated validation process. If you’ve performed a test send and the link worked correctly, you can consider it validated by the user - you! If you want to check or make changes to any hyperlinks, select VIEW/EDIT.

  • Plain text content
    This section shows you the number of words and hyperlinks in the plain text version of your campaign. If you want to check or edit the hyperlinks, select VIEW/EDIT.

  • Testing
    Here you can see information about test sends or inbox and spam filter tests you have performed.

One final check

At the bottom of the campaign summary, there is a small thumbnail of your campaign. You can select this to open the Campaign preview window to perform one last check.

This section also displays the lists, segments or marketing preferences you’ve chosen to send to, the send time - either Immediately, or your selected scheduled date and time - and the number of recipients, which is the number contacts with a valid email address you are sending to out of the total contacts from the selected lists, segments, or marketing preferences.

Send your campaign

If you're happy with everything then the time has come to send your campaign.

Depending on whether you chose to send the campaign immediately, or schedule it, the button text reads SEND CAMPAIGN IMMEDIATELY or CONFIRM SCHEDULED CAMPAIGN.

Select the button, and your work here is done!

After you've sent your campaign

Once you’ve confirmed the send, your campaign first goes to your outbox. At this point the campaign is no longer editable. The campaign is sent to all of the chosen contacts. In most cases, for an immediate send, this happens almost instantaneously. If you have a particularly large mailing list, then it may be sent in smaller chunks to make sure that your contacts' mail systems don't penalise you for sending large numbers of emails all at once.

For a scheduled send, the campaign remains in the outbox until the scheduled send time. If you decide you need to make changes, you can cancel the send from the outbox, or amend the scheduled send date and time.

Once your campaign has been sent, you can view data about how your contacts engaged with the campaign in the reporting.

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