Send a split test SMS campaign

Choose the contacts that receive your campaign and schedule your send.

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Once you’ve set up and written your SMS split test versions, you’re ready to send the campaign to your contacts. You need to choose the audience for your campaign, and the time to send it.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

Send your split test SMS campaign

  1. Go to Campaigns > SMS and select the Send icon for the campaign you want.
    If you are currently in the SMS campaign editor view, select SAVE & CONTINUE.

  2. Under Select contacts, choose the Lists, Segments or Marketing preferences you want to send the campaign to.

  3. Under Select send time, choose to send your campaign Immediately or Scheduled.

    • If you choose to send a Scheduled campaign, use the date picker to select a date and time to send, and expand the Timezone drop-down menu and select the appropriate timezone for your send (if this is different from your account timezone).
      Daylight savings adjustments are made automatically for you.

  4. For Undelivered SMS, select Expire after three days if you want the standard SMS expiry time of three days. If you want your SMS to expire earlier, select Expire on, and then choose a date and time. You can set a minimum time of one hour and a maximum of three days (72 hours).

  5. Under Split testing, use the first slider, or enter a number in the box, to choose the percentage of contacts to send the split test to.
    The maximum percentage is 60%. This decides what percentage of your audience to send your split test versions to. Once the results are in, we send the most successful campaign message to the remaining contacts.

  6. Use the second slider, or enter a number in the box, to choose how many hours to wait to measure responses to the split test before analysing the results and sending the most successful campaign message to your remaining contacts.

  7. Select CONTINUE.

  8. Review your campaign details. To send, select SEND CAMPAIGN IMMEDIATELY or CONFIRM SCHEDULED SEND.
    The option you see here depends on whether you chose to send an immediate or scheduled campaign in Step 3.

Undelivered SMS

If a network can’t deliver an SMS at the first attempt, they make multiple further attempts to deliver up to the message expiry time. The custom expiry is useful if your SMS is time-sensitive, for example, a 24-hour sale or travel updates, so you don’t want the network to continue trying to re-send the SMS for the full three days.

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